Shuttle and Metro North Coincide Together


Bus schedule setup on the mypace app. Photo taken by Josiah Darnell.

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

College students who don’t commute or have cars at their convenience rely heavily on the transportation the school and the area has to offer. The shuttle bus and the Metro North are the two main methods of transportation Pace students rely on. They are convenient in terms of hours of operation, but their time schedules tend to throw people off.

It is difficult to plan a trip when using the shuttle bus to the Metro North because of their schedules. The Metro North times are set in stone because they service other towns and boroughs. The shuttle bus puts students in a tight predicament because in order to catch the Metro north the way the schedule is set up you are presented with two options.

One, you can take the shuttle bus at an earlier time and wind up waiting for at least fifteen to twenty minutes, or two, take it at a later time and get there just in time to get on the train. There is a high chance that you could miss the train though.

It’s a tricky situation, and it turns almost into a science for students trying to pick the best option to get to the Metro North. Students could also ask their friends or acquaintances for a ride, but that’s not always a guarantee.

You can ask multiple people to take you to the train station, but last minute responsibilities could pop up for them and that could possibly leave you in the same situation you were in before.

I believe that the shuttle schedules should coincide with the Metro North schedules better- this doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole shuttle schedule has to be adjusted, just the pickup spot that takes students to the Metro North.

The Wilcox Hall bus stop is the final stop shuttles go to before making their way to Memorial Plaza where the train is. That schedule is the one that should be adjusted. Students know that the bus has to go to Wilcox, so the time it leaves there should be the one that puts you in the best position to catch the Metro north without having to worry about missing it or standing for a long period of time.

If the schedules between the shuttle and the train better complemented each other, then students would be able to have a better idea on how the first portion of their trip will go. They’ll be able to plan better and will worry less about that wait time in between the shuttle and the Metro North.