Athlete’s Keys to Success


Team Works the app used by the athletics department to communicate with its athletes. Photo taken by Josiah Darnell.

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

Being a college athlete is a huge responsibility and comes with numerous amounts of sacrifices. Expectations for college athletes are great as well and because of that coaches collaborate with faculty to find ways to help their athletes out.

Time management is a thing to master for all college students and for athletes its detrimental because of how time consuming athletic activities can be. With practice and classes, it is very easy to become lackadaisical with work and to prevent that from happening coaches issue study hall on its athletes.

Study hall for most athletes takes place on the top floor of the Library in the tutoring center. There tutors work with them to help them excel in the subject that they may be struggling in or just need of a second pair of eyes to look over their work. For softball study hall is held in Iannelo Field House yet they still have the same benefits of the tutoring center just as all other athletes do.

Study hall just as all other activities for athletes are put on team works. Team works is an app designed for sports organizations to communicate and stay organized with all associated in that organization. Team works include practice times, meeting times, class times, game day travel times, and rehabilitation times for athletes with injuries.

Outside of study hall and team works coaches make sure their athletes go to class with random class checks. Coaches know what classes athletes have and who needs to be where and if they aren’t in class when class checks come around consequences follow.

For football players class checks along with academic Monday are what keep them in check. Academic Monday is basically an academic meeting that players have with their position coaches to discuss what is going on in the class and their predicted grade of the class. It is not only to help the coaches keep track of progress and decline in classes but for the player as well.

Starfish is another item used to help coaches stay on top of athletes. Students are well aware that professors send out starfish emails to either give kudos or inform a student of possible meetings and class performance. If a professor sends out a starfish to a student, then that student is the only one who sees it. If a starfish is sent out to an athlete, then the coach gets that email as well. There is no way a student can deny a starfish because a coach would have already been informed about it.

Athletes are given as lot of tools for success and coaches and faculty work hard to provide them with those tools. It is an amazing thing to have the support of coaches and faculty, especially when it is obvious that athletes know they want them to do well. Pace University is great at providing those tools and the support.