Keys to staying productive during virtual learning

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Remote learning, along with the stay-at-home order, is changing the way students learn, study and complete their school work. Distractions are easily attained and motivation may have spiraled downwards. However, there are some concepts that can be put in place to help attain a successful end to the semester that incorporates the priority of productivity throughout this difficult time.

1. Organize yourself

There are so many resources at the palm our hands nowadays that are utilized for the purpose of organizations. Planners and digital calendars are a critical way of keeping organized and motivated. First and foremost, it can be helpful to write-in when your class assignments are due and organize your notes, files and syllabus by class. That way, all the materials you need are easily accessible. Additionally, figure out what other responsibilities you are taking part of remotely in terms of internships, clubs, organizations, etc.

2. Form a schedule

Figuring out your priorities for the day and week can be important in reducing stress and becoming overwhelmed at the big picture. Determine what tasks are most important for you to complete in one day. These tasks should not all just be academic, but also tasks that keep you sane.

You can write these down in a calendar and block off certain parts of that day for the particular item you want to accomplish. This is a great way to manage your time to ensure that you can finish the priorities you set for yourself in one day. Even if your classes are being held asynchronously, if there are no conflicts it may be a good idea to set aside the time you would normally have the class to complete your schoolwork.

3. Create a workroom 

One thing that helps keep me accountable when I’m struggling to maintain focus, is to complete my schoolwork alongside someone else who is also working. Since many adults are working from home and other children are participating in online schooling, placing yourself next to them can help maintain motivation.

You may find that it creates a setting that would exist at a university library or a local coffee shop. If there is no one in the house that can help create that environment for you, there are always group study calls that can be created through the use of technology such as Zoom, FaceTime and, or Skype.

4. Take breaks

Studies show that working in 30 minute increments is the best way to attain information. Although many Pace students are used to 3 hour courses, it is still important to take breaks throughout the day to help clear the mind. Even a 10 minute breather to grab some fresh air, walk around the block, or make a meal in the kitchen is a good way to get your mind off of the schoolwork. This way when you come back to the assignment at hand your mind is refreshed and ready to retain, apply and create information.

5. Find a hobby

Some college students are on TikTok producing videos of boredom, while others may be wishing they had the issue of being bored. Despite that, take the time of being locked in place to discover new hobbies, or revisit old ones that have slipped away as the hectic-ness of life continues to build. In addition, many activities can also be used to help alleviate stress and hold as a distraction from the outside world. Some common activities that can be incorporated into your days in quarantine are to color, paint, dance, exercise, cook/bake, read a book, complete a puzzle and much more.

Let us know how your handling the time at home. What tactics are you utilizing to keep yourself motivated and productive on a day-to-day basis?