Students Are Exhausted And In Need of A Spring Break

Amber Brouwer

As Pace University planned for the 2020-2021 school-year, some decisions were made. We started the Fall semester several weeks earlier to end the semester the first week of December. The Spring semester was altered the same way as Spring break was taken out of the schedule. This concerned many students and faculty.

We have almost reached the end of the semester and students are reaching a breaking point as the workload builds up and long-term project deadlines are coming up. “We are exhausted and need a break” is a common phrase these days at Pace.

Several professors feel the same way. A spring break is needed to give everyone a chance to catch up on work and mentally prepare for the end of the semester. Professors are giving individual classes a week off to catch up and take a breath. This is for the students, but also for the Professors themselves.

Although many students and faculty feel this way there are several people that think Pace has made the right decision. “I don’t think we should have had spring break. There are outbreaks all over the country because students went on Spring break.” Professor Hines from the Psychology department says. “I see that students are tired, but I think that it is mainly because of this” He points at the zoom screen.

“I don’t feel like I need spring break.” Says Kendra Dascano, a management and applied psychology double major. “I actually like that we have all of May off as well.”

There are two clear sides to this topic, but there is one thing we are all agreeing on. We want a normal Fall 2021 semester. “Students are not learning as much as they should be right now. We should get rid of zoom and go back to fully in-person so I can see it if there is any confusion.” Says Professor Hines.

Students are exhausted and the sound of needing a Spring break is all over campus.