How to beat hunger pains at Pace PLV


Sequoia Cumming

Pace Perk — located in Martin Hall — is a student-run business where students can find late night snacks like milkshakes, hot pretzels, and mozzarella sticks.

Pasquale Noce, Contributing Writer

Eating: It is something we all have to do. This fact is no less true in college, despite all of your other daily tasks. Some time between attending classes, completing assignments, and even doing laundry, you still have to find time to eat. Here are some dining tips and tricks to take some of the stress off of your plate, at least when it comes to food.

There are many places you can find food on campus, Kessel being chief among those options. An exhaustive list of food stations includes the grill station, Asian delicacies, Mexican cuisine, a sandwich station, a smoothie bar, a salad bar, and an ice cream freezer. From these stations, it is feasible to put together a satisfying, balanced meal every day.

If you crave some variety, the hot food and vegan stations offer new foods at every mealtime. To figure out what those foods are you can visit:

For those who really want to be informed about food in the Kessel Cafeteria, they can visit paceplveats on Instagram. If you still find yourself looking for something different, the village of Pleasantville has ample restaurants that participate in Pace’s Flex Dollars program. Sit down at places like Subway, Applebees, or the Pleasantville Diner to broaden your food horizons. You can use some of your flex dollars when you swipe your student card at one of these food establishments. For the full list, visit If you don’t mind spending money outside of your meal plan, there are many other great places to eat in town.

Kessel only stays open for so long but if your hunger persists after it has closed, there are still a number of places around campus to eat. For an early-morning coffee head down to Starbucks in Alumni Lobby. There is a food area on the first floor in Miller Hall where you can grab a quick bite in between classes. Pace Mart can be found in the Mortolla Library and you can buy snacks there for your study breaks. You can find Pace Fit selling smoothies if you are looking to refresh after a workout in the Goldstein Gym. For late-night food, Pace Perk is the spot. Open late into the night, Pace Perk is a nice place to drink a milkshake, eat a pretzel, and hang out with friends

If college food isn’t cutting it for you and you would rather cook, that is also a viable option. There are a couple of supermarkets and convenience stores nearby. Key Food is right around the corner from the bus stop in Memorial Plaza, 7-Eleven is across the street from there, and ShopRite is in the Thornwood shopping center. Once you have your ingredients you can use the kitchens in the dorm buildings to cook whatever your heart desires. Each kitchen boasts a refrigerator/freezer, stove, oven, microwave, sink, and cabinet space.

In the modern world, instead of going out to buy food, we have the luxury of getting food delivered to us. Pace Delivers is an organization made just for that purpose. Order from them before 9:30 P.M. for breakfast, 9 P.M. for dinner, or 11 P.M. for late-night cravings and they will bring you your meal. Visit to see their catering menu. Similarly, there are other delivery service apps like Grubhub and Uber Eats that Pace students use.

Food Tips:

  1. Instead of paying for bottled water every day, invest in a Pace water bottle (or two) at the Pace Bookstore.

  2. Vending Machines are located in Wilcox Hall (first floor), Kessel (first and second floors), Goldstein Gym (first floor), and Martin Hall (lobby).

  3. To save money, each station in Kessel (excluding the hot food and vegan stations) has punch cards that give you a free meal after 9 or 10 purchases. Pace Mart and Pace Fit have similar Loyalty cards.

  4. Kessel Café is usually near-empty on weekend mornings and is most crowded during common hours.

  5. If you run out of money on your meal plan, you can always pay to extend it.

  6. Keep an eye on events that happen around campus that offer free food.

All in all, there are a plethora of ways to get food as a Pace student and there are some smart ways to go about it. With this information, you will be well-prepared to eat at Pace University.