Best Spots In Westchester: Where to Thrift

Tisha Baker

Being a well-versed local, I am obligated to show my peers around. To start this tour guide off, I will first share my favorite thrift stores close to campus. Spend any time on TikTok or with fashion-forward people, and you’d know that thrifting is the new trend among Gen Z. Gen Z has gained the reputation of being outspoken, especially about climate change issues and the environment. Their social awareness and distaste for looking “basic” have driven their affinity for thrifting.

We live in a day and age where what was trending in march will most certainly not be trending by the same time next year, which is a stark contrast from previous decades where hairstyles, shoes, and clothes were popular for years. As a result of the accelerating trend cycle, companies have to mass produce clothing to meet the demands of their fickle customers. Clothing today isn’t made to last you a lifetime; big corporations hop on fads so they can make a quick profit. Consequently, fast fashion produces 20% of the total global water waste, and in the US, the average person throws away 81 pounds of clothes annually. Fast fashion also discourages style and individuality. Adelaide Prekopa, a senior at Pace Univesity, commented, “Fast fashion looks to make money above all else, so they do what everyone else is doing, and in turn, consumers end up wearing the same things. If everyone looks the same, there is no individuality, just repeats, and variants”.

But all hope is not lost; Thrifting is a great way to find stylish and unique pieces of clothing that will last you longer than a cheap item from fast fashion companies like Shein or Pretty Little Things. From personal experience, I can say that thrifting helped me find timeless jewelry, skirts, shirts, and bags I treasure dearly and have no intention of discarding them any time soon. Adelaide Prekopa and many other students here at Pace have said that they would thrift more often if they knew of quality stores nearby. So without further ado, here is a list of my favorite thrift stores in Westchester County ranked. 


6) Trilogy Consignment, Tarrytown, NY


Trilogy has a diverse collection of clothing, posters, accessories, makeup, and shoes spanning many decades. This store is where to go if you want authentic vintage pieces in excellent condition. I brought a beautiful frilly 60s nightgown and a 70s lacy empire waistline dress here two years ago; both looked and smelled brand new. If you’re a sucker for anything vintage like myself, I definitely recommend you check it out. But be prepared to spend a pretty penny for their rarer items. Don’t worry, they also have options for thrifters on a budget; I purchased a beautiful pair of seashell earrings there once for only 5 dollars. 

5) Maizie Shop Consignment Apparel, Scarsdale, NY

Maizie Shop Consignment Apparel has one of the most curated selections I’ve ever seen. The store is spotless and easy to navigate, (color-coded and separated by type of item). The owners also swap out their selections every season, making it an ideal option for anyone trying to ethically revamp their closet for the changing seasons. The only downside is that it is hard to find, Maizie Shop Consignment Apparel is located behind a string of stores on Central Avenue, and it’s easy to miss if you don’t have a careful eye. 



4) Red Door Thrift, Yonkers, NY


St. John’s Episcopal Church of Yonkers runs this hidden gem of a thrift store. Red Door thrift has everything from clothes, household items, books, records, and other finds. While their selection isn’t the most curated, it’s full of fantastic vintage and new pieces that you won’t get anywhere else for as good of a price. The staff is also friendly and willing to help if you have any questions or concerns.




3) Salvation Army, New Rochelle, NY


I can, without a doubt, say this is the best Salvation Army I’ve ever visited. Half of my current wardrobe, including jewelry, is from here. This Salvation Army is full of quality, niche, and fashionable items you probably have saved on your Pinterest boards. However, I am forewarning you this is a multiple-hour-long activity, you will have to dig through piles of clothes for a long time, but I promise it is worth it. 

2) Treasures Thrift Shop, Armonk, NY


St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church runs this thrift store in gorgeous Armonk, New York. The store is charming and inviting primarily because of the kind fashionable ladies who help curate their beautiful selection. Treasures is a less intimidating and cheaper version of Trilogy Consignment. I compare shopping at Treasures to sifting through your fashionable aunt or uncle’s closet. Here you’ll find classic pieces at reasonable prices and will probably end up having a funnily pleasant conversation with one of the staff. 

1) IB Cohen & Sons, New Rochelle, NY

My favorite thrift store is IB Cohen & Sons. It perfectly combines everything I mentioned in describing previous stores: a wide selection, friendly staff, unique vintage pieces, and more! The store is clean, tasteful, and fun to navigate. The aesthetically pleasing environment makes you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. What keeps me coming back is their exquisite jewelry selection that has a bit of everything. Here, I got rare designer sterling silver earrings they hadn’t even put on display yet. The owners are willing to work with you no matter what your price point is, so do not shy away from trying to bargain. But their hours aren’t always accurate; please call ahead to ensure they are open.


Hopefully, this list of local thrift stores makes your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. If you’re unsure what mode of transportation would be the best way to go to these stores, I recommend getting on your mapping app of choice, typing in your destination, then hit directions. It will then show you various ways to get where you’re going. Also, consider taking the train or using a ride-share app.