Fabulosity and Tess Tickles Redefine Fundraising with Annual Drag Show


Adiba Sikder

Student performers and Pride at Pace members posing with Tess Tickles

Adiba Sikder, Editor-in-Chief

Glitter, glam, and Tess Tickles created an animated night at Fabulosity for Pace students at Gottesman in Kessel Student Center on Thursday.

Tess Tickles, a drag performer, hosted Fabulosity on Thursday night and drove the crowd wild with laughter with her inappropriate remarks, lewd connotations, and glamorous performances.

Pride at Pace hosts Fabulosity annually in order to raise money for the homeless gay community by selling raffle tickets in exchange for prizes and entertaining the crowd with a drag show with student performers.

Tickles opened the show by introducing the student performers by their drag names and announcing the prizes that students can win through the raffle and the prize for the winner of the drag contest.

The winner of the show, Keyshana Dupuy, Pace’s homecoming queen, won over the audience with her performance as Keyshawn and her inclusion of a random audience member in the crowd.

“I couldn’t help but want to participate. It’s the only time we come together on campus to bring awareness to the transgender community. Everyone deserves love and support, so I’m proud to say we have a safe and open environment at Pace,” said Dupuy.

Students’ mouths dropped when Keyshawn started performing because of how wildly inappropriate it was and how she was able to get everyone to scream and cheer for her.

Other students that performed at the show were motivated by their love and appreciation for drag and wanted to be able to entertain a crowd in a fun and creative way.

“I’ve always loved drag and drag shows. I would love to dress in drag more often but I never get a chance too. I feel safe doing it at Fabulosity because I know everyone’s so non-judgemental and open,” said Alexis Baker, drag show contestant and junior at Pace.

Throughout the night, Tickles was reminding students to be respectful and continuously cheer for the students that are performing because it may seem easy, but in reality, it can be very difficult to come up on stage and perform for strangers.

A popular performance during the show was done by a student performer dressed as Post Malone. The crowd screamed song lyrics back to the performer as confetti bottles were being popped across the stage.

“I physically could not stop smiling and laughing. I’ve been to drag shows before so it’s really cool that Pace has one too,” said Gabriella Camacho, a junior at Pace. “My favorite part was seeing Tess Tickles and seeing my best friends Jaime and Alexis perform,”

At the end of the night, students were dancing and singing along to Bodak Yellow , socializing, and taking pictures with Tickles for social media.

“At the end of the day, we’re all just people and we all deserve love and acceptance,” said Israel Vargas, a junior at Pace.