New SGA President Olivia Wint Discusses her Goals for the Year


SGA President Olivia Wint

Kwadar Ray , Managing Editor

New Student Government Association (SGA) President Olivia Wint got a head start this summer in preparation for the Fall semester. Wint, a senior, worked during orientation and got the opportunity to stay on campus and “stir up some ideas about what students need.”

During her campaign for presidency last semester, Wint often heard from friends who felt they were “missing out” on things on campus, mainly because they did not feel accepted and wanted to develop a better relationship with other students. Her peers re-affirmed to her this summer that a significant initiative should start on Wint is making all students feel accepted.

“I’m definitely aiming to making sure there is an area of comfort for every student,” she said. “Just for some students to feel comfortable about their culture in such a diverse place.”

The Applied Psychology and Human Relations major said she is still trying to figure out how to create a perfect environment for everyone, but continual discussion with students “gives [her] somewhere to start.”

That constant communication with her peers is one of the reasons Wint pulled out a victory in April’s election. While a majority of voters believed she was best for the job, her victory was by a slim margin, as Lisdy Contreras-Giron was just 10 votes behind with 215.

However, Wint is confident she can show those who did not vote for her that she is best for the role.

“I think it’s a just a matter of time,” she said. “Everything is a process to me, so I’m really just focused on doing my job the best way possible.”

Wint’s communication skills, which was endorsed by Senior Associate Director for Student Development Shawn Livingston in April, may help her in the process of convincing those students.

“I have known of Olivia as a student leader and have interacted with her on and off for the past two years in her student organization leadership roles,” Livingston said. “I can say I have observed her working well in prior teams and she is an effective communicator.”

Another way to get those students on her side is through accomplishing her goals, which includes promoting student innovation and planning programs and projects that will satisfy students’ needs.

With such high expectations, Wint said she is beginning to feel the pressure to accomplish those goals, but a lot of it is due to the high standard she sets for herself.

“I do feel the pressure to achieve my goals, but only because my urge to help make a difference at Pace is so great,” she said.

Wint’s urge to make a an impact has progressed each year at Pace, which is the last thing she expected to happen when she first stepped foot on campus as a freshman in 2015.

“Not at all did I think as a freshman that I would be where I am at today,” Wint said. “I always tell people who ask me, ‘What does it feel like to be president?’ that it feels unreal… but through my four years here, Pace has forced me to reach outside of my comfort zone and test my limits, and each and every time I’m grateful that I was pushed.”

Before her election victory, Wint was already a well-known face, as she served on campus organizations such as the Black Student Union (BSU), Students of Caribbean Awareness (SOCA), and Pace Original Style Etiquette (POSE).