United through commonality: The Pace Commuter Street Team embarks on their first event of the semester


(Members of the commuter street team travel through the nature trail located near the nature center on the Pleasantville campus)

Krissy Scott

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y.– The Pace Commuter Street Teams welcomed the fall semester with a nature walk this past Friday, which is their first event of the 2022 semester.


Pace University’s Commuter Street Team is catered towards commuter students attending the university. Students in this club normally host a variety of events during hours convenient for the commuter student community. 


President of The Commuter Street Team Jacqueline Demarco says events like these are important because they encourage friendship and community among Pace University’s commuter population, which continues to become larger in numbers.


“I do love what Pace has done for commuters,” said Demarco. As of fall 2019, Pace’s commuter population makes up approximately 40% of the entire school population. The remaining 60% are Pace residents.


“We are constantly in communication with each other,” said Demarco. She attributes the strong bond and connection among commuters to their time spent and similarities in lifestyle. 


Demarco also mentioned the drastic difference between the lifestyle of a Pace resident and a Pace commuter. Despite this, commuters still carve out time from their hectic schedules to spend time together.


“I had a friend who was in the club and I went to the first meeting because we related on that [being a commuter] ,” said Arcelys Tineo, sophomore nursing major.


Before the event even began, members engaged in pleasant conversation with one another and later set out on the nature trail beginning behind the nature center and continuing behind the football field, throughout the forest behind campus. From the very beginning until the very end, laughs and compliments were exchanged, as well as thoughtful well wishes for the semester.