What a Pace student’s Financial Perspective Looks Like


Financial Aid’s office building at Pace University Pleasantville campus, NY. September 27, 2022. (Photo credit: Kerolyn Martins).

Kerolyn Martins

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y – Tuition, health insurance, meal plan, living costs, and fees that come from unexpected places. College expenses can add up to one’s pocket. In a search for a school that meets the needs of those who are about to begin an academic journey, some parents and students look to make the right decision by balancing financial needs and educational expectations.

When it comes to the financial aspect, things may get complicated. “I met up with financial aid many times talking about like, how you explain to them how like I just I don’t qualify for any loans because of my parent’s financial situation.” Sophomore Lisa Torres said. 

There are factors that may qualify students as independent such as being an emancipated minor, determined to be homeless, or at risk of homelessness – and even though none of that was the case, Torres still felt like she needed support due to her parent’s financial status. “It was almost as if I was like independent because of my financial situation because my parents couldn’t really or they still can’t really provide for me in terms of money.” she said.

The Financial Aid department at Pace University has demonstrated ways to offer assistance to those who need aid, but also claimed that the amount of student requests may reach high numbers. “We extend to our students the best financial aid offer/package upfront.  However, we do receive and respond to approximately 1250 students each year, who appeal for additional assistance due to family emergency situations, financial hardship cases.” Director of Financial Aid Dan Robinson said in an email. 

“For students that do not qualify for aid, we recommend they continue to search for scholarship funds on their own.  Some of the same resources used by first-year students also offer scholarships for continuing students (fastweb.com, scholarships.com, etc.).” Robinson said in an email. Scholarships are also often known for giving students relief from their school expenses, or in some cases granting a free tuition pass. But that isn’t always the case. “Scholarships are like, hit or miss in general.” Torres said. But she added: “It’s just good to apply just to apply.”