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Our Journey in SGA: The Past, The Re-Election, and The Future

Nicholas Diaz
SGA Vice President Paris Tracey (left) and Nick Diaz pose after a school sponsored event.

It has been nearly a month since our victory and subsequent re-election, and the feeling is still incredibly surreal. This campaign season proved to be unlike any other we have experienced, presenting challenges far surpassing those of our initial run. However, it is precisely these obstacles that made our triumph all the more satisfying.

In contrast to our previous campaign, this one unfolded much earlier in the semester, coinciding unfortunately with Paris’ birthday week and a barrage of other commitments. Yet, despite the mounting pressures, we persevered, maintaining our connection with the student body and articulating our plans for the year ahead. Balancing our existing responsibilities with the demands of defending our positions was no easy mission.


Approaching this campaign, our objective was clear: to build upon our previous successes with even greater impact. Unlike our initial endeavor, where we had everything to prove, this time around, we had everything to defend. Our office had become a second home, and the organization we’d tirelessly shaped was far from complete. We were resolved not to relent without giving our absolute best fight.

During the weekend preceding campaign week, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive strategy to resonate with every corner of campus life, ensuring that our platform was not just heard but embraced. Establishing our joint social media presence was paramount, not only for increasing visibility but also for garnering widespread support. The potency of social media cannot be overstated; we entered this season fully aware of its potential to amplify our message across various platforms.

With only two full days allotted for campaigning before voting commenced, we recognized the critical importance of maximizing every moment. Despite being a commuter, I remained on campus throughout the entire week, from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m., tirelessly highlighting our past accomplishments and articulating our ambitious plans for the future. We wanted to be able to walk away from this campaign season knowing that we did everything that we possibly could.


Voting closed on Friday, March 15, at 4 pm and this was by far the scariest day of campaign week. We walked around campus multiple times, engaging in conversations, and doing everything we could until the last second to ensure that our message was received by the entire student body.

We gathered with our campaign team in an empty classroom in Miller Hall so we receive the call together. The moments leading up to the call were so nerve-wracking and chills ran down our backs waiting for the phone to ring. The phone rang at about 4:15 pm and I picked it up so quickly. Barbara, The Director of Student Engagement, explains that the voting link has closed and that she has the election results. Before she could even complete the word congratulations, we started to jump and scream for joy.

The depth of effort—blood, sweat, and tears—that was poured into this campaign season is beyond comprehension. Experiencing the fruition of all that hard work was an indescribable feeling. Despite vying for the role of President for the upcoming year, my responsibilities as the current President persisted. Balancing these duties alongside a demanding course load of 18 credits while effectively communicating our plans and objectives was an immense challenge. Despite the unfortunate tactic of targeting my mental health during the campaign speeches in an effort to secure a title, I am grateful to say that once more, we were fortunate enough to have the unwavering support of everyone rallying behind us.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who stood by us throughout this journey, from its inception to now, a month later. Your unwavering support has not gone unnoticed, and we deeply value each and every individual who believes in our vision. Whether you shared a post, assisted in hanging flyers, or simply cast your vote, every contribution has been invaluable. We are truly elated to belong to a school community that rallies behind us in times of both triumph and challenge.

This past year in our positions has been truly one of the most remarkable experiences we have had to date in our college career. Being able to connect with many students, faculty, and staff has been a rewarding part of being at the forefront of change in a place we hold dear to our hearts is an incredible feeling. We have been representing all of the different communities that we come from and have been fighting for the people who truly never thought they could win.

Our work in the Student Government Association on the Pace Pleasantville Campus is far from over and one year has proved to be insufficient to complete all of our goals and initiatives. We like to believe that this past year was a learning opportunity despite the many achievements we had in the organization. We needed to take the time to learn the ins and outs and how our strengths could benefit the student body. There is no rulebook or manual on how to lead SGA but we have what it takes to lead with authenticity and ensure that every student’s voice is heard no matter what.


Official poster for the re-election of Nick Diaz and Paris Tracey (reelectnickandparis/IG)


With the school year wrapping up in a couple of weeks and our first year in office coming to an end, we are extremely thankful for the past year. Being in these positions as sophomores has allowed us to grow not only as student leaders but also as the journalist and the lawyer who will one day be in the real world. I am glad to say that we can look back on the past year with a big smile on our faces seeing all of our achievements despite the obstacles that were present.

With confidence, I can say that we have successfully transformed the presence of SGA on the Pleasantville Campus, transcending from what was once a shadow in Kessel to now a bright beaming light all around campus. From our vibrant Late-Night Breakfast, boasting an impressive attendance of over 400 students, to the inception of annual events like SGA DAY, and the unprecedented crafting of a Springfest Weekend with the invaluable collaboration of our exceptional Programming Board, we have accomplished what was once deemed unattainable. This achievement is a testament to the strength of our remarkable community. None of these accomplishments would have been possible without each and every one of you, and we are profoundly grateful to be part of such an extraordinary school community.

Indeed, it does not stop there. Our commitment extends to the constructive and impactful meetings we have held with President Krislov and Provost Franco, where every concern brought to our attention was earnestly conveyed to those with the power to effect change. Whether through filling out our student concern form, dropping a note in our suggestion box, or sharing thoughts in person, no feedback went unacknowledged. From addressing shuttle service challenges to tackling food insecurity and financial aid issues, we delved into every matter and brainstormed effective solutions. Our first term in office was not solely about engagement and events; it was also about implementing lasting changes in our community that will benefit students long after our graduation.


In our upcoming term, our vision is to further enhance and transform the Student Government Association into a beacon of progress and innovation. Building upon the foundation laid this year, we aim to soar to unprecedented heights, amplifying our impact. Presently, we are in the midst of assembling a dynamic new team of student leaders, each representing diverse facets of campus life. Central to our agenda for the next year is the pursuit of Unity. Our campus thrives with extraordinary communities—from athletes to commuters to student leaders—yet often, there exists a disconnect. Our goal is to bridge these divides and cultivate understanding and collaboration across all corners of campus life.

As we approach the coming year, we’re poised with a comprehensive list of resources, fully prepared to excel in our respective roles. No longer are we the newcomers navigating a field dominated by upperclassmen; rather, we stand as seasoned juniors, enriched by a year of experience, steadfast in our commitment to advancing the mission of enhancing our amazing campus community.

As students of color, it’s incumbent upon us to authentically represent our communities. In the forthcoming year, we are committed to infusing our initiatives with greater cultural awareness and celebration. It’s a shared sentiment that Pace University can feel somewhat muted during Black History Month. Hence, we aspire to curate a series of events that not only educate but also exuberantly celebrate the richness of Black culture—its history, its contemporary manifestations, and its future trajectories. We firmly believe that representation is extremely significant, particularly within the context of a predominantly white institution.


Above all, we aim to instill a sense of pride and satisfaction in your decision to re-elect us. Serving in these roles is a profound responsibility that we approach with utmost seriousness and gratitude. The opportunity to represent and inspire the diverse array of communities we hail from is one we cherish deeply. We want you to feel heard, seen and understood. Rest assured, for as long as we hold office, our dedication to advocating for you will never waver. Thank you immensely to everyone for the support. It’s our sincere hope to continue exceeding expectations and bringing pride to all who believe in us, even before we believed in ourselves.


With Love,

Your 2x SGA President-Elect & Executive Vice President-Elect


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