Pace Reintroduces The Fencing Club



Advance. Attack. Engage. En Garde. The reintroduction of the fencing club on campus will provide students with a whole new way to engage in sports while also relieving some stress.

One of the heads of the resurgent club is sophomore computer science major Kaleigh Kessler. Kessler has a more personal involvement with fencing, but she wants everyone to experience what she has experienced with such an intricate sport.

“I found out this past spring that there was equipment from a fencing club that used to be active here at Pace. I instantly knew I wanted to get it up and running again,” Kessler said. “Fencing personally changed my life in so many ways and opened so many doors for me, and I want others to have the same experience.”

A quality that members said intrigued them about the sport was its demand both physically and mentally.

“I think that fencing and many other things like it, including martial arts, involve both physical fitness and strategy,” said John Wrench, one of the founding members. “When someone is fencing, they’re thinking as much as they’re moving, it’s a great workout for both.”

Another founder, sophomore childhood education major Shaina Weir, just put it plain and simple.

“Who wouldn’t want to stab someone with a sword,” Weir said. “On a serious note, I think Pace should offer more unique activities so students can experience more things that they might not have ever been around to try.”

Kessler has a host of people who are behind her and what she is trying to accomplish with the fencing club. Just like any organization on Pace, it’s open to anyone. According to Kessler, fencing is also a great stress reliever.

“Fencing is an amazing sport and workout,” Kessler said. “And, you don’t need a specific body type to do it; fencers come in all shapes and sizes. You learn a lot about yourself and challenge both your mind and body in a fun environment.”

Kessler’s had a couple of friends who’ve asked about it and she’s been showing them the ropes in the aerobics room. She hopes that through events and even publication it will get more notice as the leaders continue to prepare the club.

As of right now, the club is in the “paperwork” phase. This paperwork will be necessary to be recognized by Student Government as a club. The club is anticipated to surface between the end of this semester and early spring semester.