Athlete Injured at Townhouses


Photo by Alexa Lauro

According to reports, the athlete was injured at the basketball court on the side of the third row of the Townhouses. The player allegedly re-injured his already-wounded knee.


Student-athlete misbehavior and consequences have come into question following the injury of a football player at the townhouses in mid-October.

The football player allegedly reinjured his already wounded knee.

According to head of Pace Security, Vincent Beatty, incidents such as these are commonplace for all students, not just athletes.

Student-athletes are subject to the rules set forth by the university, as they are students first and athletes second.

“All incidents are reviewed by the university and an action plan is put into place,” said Director of Athletics Mark Brown. “Additional disciplinary action that a coach feels is necessary can be taken in accordance with the Athletic Department code of conduct which is agreed upon by each student-athlete each year.”

However, the consequences of an athlete’s misbehavior are not limited to him or herself, especially where injuries are concerned. This action can often have lasting effects on the team for which that individual plays.

For instance, injuries often mean that another player must fill the individual’s position, creating a ripple effect within the team.

Head Coach Andrew Rondeau, however, does not believe that injuries should be taken as a signal to step up, even though they do provide an opportunity for others.

“Why do more now because someone is hurt? You should always do more no matter what,” Rondeau said. “You shouldn’t let injuries distract you or take over. At the end of the day, no one really cares. Whining is counterproductive. It’s not going to change anything. You need to keep working and not let it become a distraction.”