Sher And Pearson Shine As The Setters Fall To Dolphins


JAMES MIRANDA, Sports Editor

Pace Setters men’s (2-1, 0-5 NE-10) and women’s (2-6, 1-4 NE-10) basketball teams hosted their Blue-Out event Saturday as they lost to the Le Moyne Dolphins in the Goldstein Fitness Center.

The Dolphins trumped the Setters men (8-1, 4-0 NE-10) 68-51 and women (6-2, 2-2 NE-10) 69-67.

The women’s game started with quick scoring out of the gate as the Setters took a 15-12 lead at the 11:06 mark. It was then back and forth due to turnovers. The Setters collectively shot 39.6 percent (21-53) from the field while the Dolphins shot 42.9 percent (21-49).

The Setters struggled shooting from the floor throughout the game. Pace’s leading scorers were forward Yuni Sher and guard Gabriella Rubin with 16 and 14 points, respectively. Sher also led with five rebounds and picked up three assists.

The Dolphins went on an 11-2 run at the 10:42 mark to take a 23-15 lead. Dolphin’s forward Alex Marple was the impact player. She shot 30.8 percent from the field collecting 21 points overall, most via free throw.

“Going forward we just have to do a better job of containing our matchups,” Sher said. “In the zone, I thought [the team] did a little bit of a better job, but personally we need to contain them better.”

Their rebounding game also helped them win possession with a total 36-30 rebounds over Pace.

It became a 12-point game at the 9:15 mark of the second half due to constant fouling by the Dolphins. They had 7 fouls by the 11:03 mark. Pace got back into the game due to these fouls and collectively shot 93.8 percent (21-22) from the free throw line.

Turnovers were at a steady rate, but the Dolphins scored 16 points off of turnovers seizing the opportunity when they had to.

The game ended on a rebound from a Dolphins free throw with two seconds left.

The men followed up with a slow start out of the gate.

The Dolphins opened up the scoring in the game immediately with a 9-4 run where a barrage of 3-pointers by forwards Stan Buczek and Connor Mahoney would ensue. Both would combine for eight 3-pointers in 15 attempts. Gause had 25-points and rebounded eight times leading his team.

In the first half, they dropped seven 3-pointers and at halftime 34-24 over the Setters. Overall, they had a three-point percentage of 54.5 percent (10-18).

“Our game plan was to shut down their two best players and we kept trying to switch defenses,” forward Kyle Pearson said. “It kind of helped us get through, but they ended up playing very well.”

Pearson led Pace with 15-points and had 11 rebounds, while the next top scorer was guard Shelton Mickell who had 13 points overall.

Pace Guard Bryan Rivers tied score at 14-14 at the 10:59 mark, but that would be the closest they got to a lead of any sort as Mahoney laid another 3-pointer in for the lead 17-14. The Dolphins would go on a 20-10 run taking a 34-24 lead at the half.

The Setters didn’t get back into the game and trailed after the 14-14 tie.

“Our mentality is that we have to try get back into the game,” Pearson said. “I think the problem is we all try to get it back in on play and then it just piles on top: missed shots, turnovers, it just gets worse.”

At the 15:07 mark of the second half, Bryan Rivers brought the Setters to a close 36-29, but immediately following that Gause performed a one-handed dunk that led to a 15-6 run. By the 5:54 mark, Le Moyne led 58-38 and went on to win.

Pearson made notice that the team is still very young and needs time to build its chemistry. For him, personally, the loss was not demoralizing; it is about making the adjustments.

Both teams are back in action on Sat., Dec. 13 against American International with start times at 1:30 p.m. for the women’s team and 3:30 p.m. for the men’s.