Controversial Photo of Football Captain Emerges


(Left) Tyler Owens plays as defensive lineman. Photo via Pace Athletics. (Right) The image was released by an alleged group of African-American students.


A picture of a Pace football captain dressed in the Confederate Flag while doing the Nazi salute surfaced online this Sunday when it was first reported by News 12 Westchester.

Tyler Owens, defensive lineman and re-elected captain, was depicted with the caption “The grand wizard”—a reference to the leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

The picture reached the Pace Chronicle earlier on Sunday via an email by an alleged group of African-American students and athletes who said they are not close with Owens and who wish to remain anonymous.

“As African Americans and Pace University students we are extremely offended and believe something should be done about this,” the email read.

Owens’ teammates refused to comment.

Sarah Friedson, a member of Hillel at Pace University-Pleasantville, said the image was very offensive, but that she was not surprised at the casual anti-Semitism in the photo.

“It makes me sad to know this came from someone on our campus,” Friedson said.

Senior and former football player Addison Casey came out in defense of Owens.

“[Owens has] done so much for me,” said Casey, who played on the defensive line with Owens from 2012 to 2014. “People are taking a joke out of context, it was just a couple of guys messing around, they saw the [clothing], and jokingly put it on.”

It is rumored that it is an ex-girlfriend who leaked the photo first, according to Casey.

The image appears to be a photo of a printed Snapchat screenshot.

According to News 12, Pace has announced an internal investigation to begin immediately.