Conor McCormick on the Season’s Postponement

Jj Perdido

This semester has not been what we are used to, especially for Conor McCormick, a wide receiver on the football team.

Many fall teams, football included, has a camp prior to their season. With the season canceled, there was no camp and members of the football team could not move onto campus earlier. Some didn’t even move onto campus at all in lieu of remote learning and no practices.

The football team had begun practices earlier this month, but was forced to stop due to a COVID- 19 outbreak on-campus.

In order for practices to operate,  the team has to wear masks and get their temperatures checked to ensure that players are staying safe. Players also have to perform wellness checks every day to practice on top of completing the Pace Safe app that all students are prompted to complete.


Uncertainty remains regarding when football practices can return and whether a season will exist in the spring.

There is the possibility of the football season being scheduled in the spring. However, if there is no football season in the spring, then there will be two classes who have not had collegiate experience for the fall 2021 season.

Some other notable downsides were not being able to utilize the weight room. This results in athletes “not being able to lift unless you have a private gym membership off-campus,” as McCormick claims.

On the other hand, taking a step back and being able to focus on the little details of the game has been a positive outtake of the season’s postponement in McCormick’s perspective. The team has been able to bring their attention to things off of the field that matter to them.



More Specifically, the team, “Was involved in the march [for Danroy Henry] with Pace,” he stated while mentioning that the team is trying to work on their image in all aspects of the student-athlete life.


McCormick wants to cherish this time which seems like an off-season during a time that would be their season and build a culture with his team and work on the chemistry by strengthening the bond of his teammates.

The team gets to bond through simply spending time with each other. They also have the chance to welcome in the new class of freshman who are all beginning their collegiate athletic career in uncertainty.

Despite the restrictions that is keeping the football teams out of the weight room, Pace athletics is truly doing a great job at keeping the student-athletes active, but most importantly, keeping them safe.

With all that could be going very wrong, Conor McCormick sees the light in the situation and has optimistic hopes on how Pace football will bounce back.