Camryn Taylor looks to make a move from intramural to DIII team


Ciara Sablah

The NCAA was inclined to cancel all fall sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic for the 2020-2021 semester. For Pace University students, this wasn’t only infuriating but troubling for some students who use sports as a getaway from school. Even though there is no actual season taking place for athletes this semester, this isn’t stopping Camryn Taylor from improving her craft on the soccer field.

Camryn Taylor is a junior health science major, who is a current member of the Pace intramural soccer team.  Before coming to Pace, Taylor was going to originally play for the women’s soccer team, but with school being her main focus she decided to join the intramural team as a side hobby.

“I would definitely consider playing next year because I enjoy playing, we mainly played in the spring because it was nice outside, and we get the opportunity to meet other people from other schools,” Taylor stated. With sports being inactive this semester, this actually relieved some stress off her shoulders due to her busy schedule.

To stay in shape, Taylor will spend most of her afternoons in the gym or out on the Ianniello Field getting a workout in. “I’ve played soccer for most of my middle and high school career, I really enjoyed it and decided why not play at Pace as well.”  Taylor said.

Since NE10’s council announcement earlier this year, the only sports that are eligible for a spring season are baseball, softball, and men’s and women’s lacrosse. Intramural sports have made Esports available for students who are interested in playing NBA 2k21 or Madden 21.

For her senior year she hopes to get back on the field to play the game she loves the most. All sports for the coming 2021-2022 school year will have to wait for an announcement to be made to learn about the resumptions of games.