Athlete Profile: Highlighting Athletes within MCVA – Sean Rorke


Sean Rorke was named NE10’s Diver of the Week for the week of October 25th. (Pace University Athletics NE10)

Nicole Manning

Balancing academics, extracurriculars, a stable sleep schedule, and social life is hard enough in college. However, those who play a sport have extra weight to carry on their shoulders. Junior undergraduate student Sean Rorke explains what it is like being a Digital Cinema and Filmmaking major while also being a Diver on Pace University’s Men’s Swim and Dive team.

Rorke’s passion for diving began when he was 15, as a freshman in high school, just out of pure curiosity. When he was in his required P.E. swim class, he asked one of the teachers to guide him through some basic steps of diving. From there, the coach saw he had potential. That is when Rorke decided “I’m going to just try this and see where it goes.” Throughout the rest of his high school career, his passion for diving, as well as his skills, only grew.

Transferring into Pace in the middle of the swim and dive season before last semester after a year of Covid abnormalities, Rorke was anticipating a drastic transition. However, arriving in the middle of the January intersession he “had some time on campus to meet the team and just be here and practice” which was extremely beneficial for this change. By getting to know his teammates, and having to start the spring semester in season, diving “definitely helped me make the friends I’ve had now, and start off with almost a support system” Rorke said. Having some comradery with your teammates is not only essential for success but also enjoyment of the sport. “That’s what is really good about being an athlete on campus, is you start out with people who are like-minded,” Rorke said.

Transferring to a new school can be tough. Being a Digital Cinema and Filmmaking major can require some strange work hours, as well as commitments outside of class time. Nevertheless, Rorke thrives on his jam-packed schedule. “As someone who’s used to being busy all the time, I am kind of lost if I’m not doing something 24/7,” Rorke said, “I don’t really know how to relax.” Combining both of his passions, diving, and film, into his everyday life, makes the business enjoyable. Although there may be some late nights filming, Rorke likes “starting my day how I do, with sports.” Knowing that the work you put into your sport and schoolwork is significant, and having a great mindset is how you can achieve success.

A healthy social life is important for any student in college, and Rorke achieves that through both his sport and academics. With his teammates, there is a “really great support system there, it’s a great atmosphere on the team, so being there is enjoyable, socially.” Through meeting up with his friends in class or Film Club every week, Rorke is also able to connect with those within his major and department. 

Sean Rorke is a hardworking student and athlete whose passion for diving and film is extremely evident, not only in his clear dedication but in the enthusiasm he emits when he talks about these subjects.

 Sean’s next Men’s Swim and Dive meet is at the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY on November 19, 2022.