Is the NBA Too Predictable?


Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report

Sean Browne, Editor in Chief

With the NBA season approaching this week I am sure that there are a lot of fans jumping for joy. But my only question to them would be, why? Are you really looking forward to a season when everybody already knows who is going to make it to the Finals?

Sports are enjoyed because of the chase, we love it when Cinderella teams rise from nowhere and go on an unexpected run, like the Cleveland Indians. Nobody saw their title run coming, and we love that because the journey was so enjoyable.

But this won’t be the case in the NBA season this year. If you ask 100 people who do they think will win the Eastern Conference, all of them will say whatever team LeBron is on. The overwhelming team from the Western Conference is the Warriors with the mega talented Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. With all that talent on one team, I would be reckless not to pick the team in the Finals.

So with the Cavilers vs. the Warriors in June, it will obviously be an exciting NBA Finals. But what about the rest of the season? What is the point of watching the other 28 teams if I know they do not stand a chance. Sports are allowed to be predictable to a limit, but this season the NBA is going way too far.

I mean these two team have met in the Finals for the past two years! Now that they are both better and everybody around them has either stayed the same or gotten worse, it will obviously be a three peat.