Dyson hosts Zoom session with Students and Parents


Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Dyson hosted a zoom session to answer some last minute questions prior to the majority of students moving-in. Initially this zoom was intended to be held prior to student quarantine, but with the large amount of power outages in the area, it was delayed.

The session was repetitive to past articles published on the Pace Chronicle Webpage, but new and important information is highlighted below.



  • Disinfecting team will be wearing green vests to separate them from other facility members.
  • Havoc system  has been switched to Murph-13 filters and UV light protocol has been added.

Health and Safety

  • Required tutorial before return to campus, which incorporates an affirmation regarding following rules to keep Pace safe.
  • Surveillance Testing
  • Signage and Containment measures.
  • Contact Tracing.
  • Pace is operating at approximately a 25% capacity in all spaces.
  • Pace is testing Residential students through partnership with Westchester Medical. The weekend of August 15th, Pace is planning on testing 400 students in one day between both campuses.
  • Everyone who steps onto campus is required to do the health screening on the Pace Safe app every day. The screening consists of four questions:
  1. Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
  2. Do you have any COVID-19 symptoms ?
  3. Have you traveled to a state where New York State is requiring a 14 day quarantine?
  4. Have you been in close contact with someone who has been COVID-19 positive?


  •  Telehealth services are available. They will offer in-person services five days a week, however the preference is to continue to be remote. Medical documentation can be provided by University Health Care.
  • Those in Isolation/ Quarantine will have a companion and be brought 3 meals a day.


Monitoring Pace Community

  • RA’s and Security will be walking through the dorms tomato sure students are compiling with social distancing, face masks and the current no guest policy Pace has implemented.
  • Alerie Tirsch, Associate Dean for Students, stated that the biggest advocates are the students themselves making sure they are compiling to the rules and asking their friends to do the same.

Schedule/ Academic

  • Students/Faculty will not be penalized for not attending class on a holiday, since the academic calendar has been altered. Students should be able to make up work remotely and communicate with the instructor.
  • Those who do not have the technology required to complete a course should talk to their instructors/department chairs and they will work with the deans to supply technology needed for courses.
  • Schedule Explorer has been updates and students can contact faculty for clarification
  • Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors can change schedule without advisor permission. 
  • Freshman need to submit a ticket in order to change their Fall schedule.

Student Spaces

  • Pace is looking to identify spaces for students to do online class if  there are roommate conflicts or commuters who have one zoom and one in-person class. They are looking into conference rooms or open classrooms for this purpose.
  • The gyms will not be open until Governor Cuomo allows gyms in New York Sate to be open. Pace has already determined the Gym Protocal’s for when they can open them.
  • The dining hall will be grab and go. Plexiglass and table separation has been implemented to alter the space.


Ramp Down Plan: 

  • Ready to make changes based on new regulations, outbreaks or additional  factors.
  • Pace has a Ramp Down plan, “ramping down” depends on some of the following factors:
  1. Case Rate (regional, campus)
  2. Testing Capacity
  3. Regional Phasse 
  4. Isolation/quarantine capacity)  
  5. Stakeholder compliance