Kori in the House

JOSEPH TUCCI, Feature Editor

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Freshman Kori Dobbs is an aspiring YouTube star who wants to show the world everything about her college experience through her weekly vlogs at her channel “Kori in the House.”

“Basically, I just vlog my weekly life here at Pace. I got the inspiration from watching other YouTubers, I’ve wanted to be a YouTuber since eighth grade,” Dobbs said. “I watched a lot of comedians on YouTube, and I always thought they were so funny, and people always said I was funny, so I made a YouTube channel.”

Some of her videos include her moving into her dorm, her at a bake-off, New York City, and homecoming.

“It wasn’t until my senior year of high school when I was like ‘This is really cool to show people what college is like because you really don’t know until you actually go to college,” said Dobbs, who originally drew her inspiration from popular channels like GloZell Green.

Dobbs is also planning on filming the new Willcox parties.

She has been working to make her channel as professional as possible by purchasing equipment like a DSLR Camera, a MacBook, and editing software.

Dobbs has not had a hard time filming her vlogs, but feels as though it is awkward at times.

“I usually vlog with my phone because my DSLR is too big to camera, so I have to use a selfie stick, so I’m walking around campus with a selfie stick and people are just like ‘what is she doing?’” Dobbs said.

She has found the most difficult part of production to be editing because of how long it takes, but she has found herself improving.

“Editing is tedious because you’re going to want your video to look a certain way. Over the course of last semester, I kept playing around with a lot of my videos. I want them [to look nice] so people [would] watch them,” Dobbs said.

Dobbs currently receives around 100 views on each of her videos, and she is working to promote hers channel through word of mouth, Twitter, and Snapchat.

“I definitely want to evolve my channel and be one of those popular YouTubers. I want people to be like ‘Oh go watch Kori’s videos she posts every week’ because it really is one of my favorite hobbies,” she said.

Outside of her YouTube activities, Dobbs is a member of the Black Student Union (BSU) at Pace, which she joined through her RA.

“It’s nice to be around people who are like me, who have the same concerns about education and other stuff as me,” Dobbs said. “It’s interesting to be a part of them and meet new people I’ve never seen before, and make connections and receive advice from upper classman since I’m a freshman.”

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