Wpaw Open Mic Night

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

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WPAW, hosted their annual open mic night event as a means to celebrate another year in the books for their organization in Kessel Student Center last Thursday.

“The radio station has been hosting these open mic night events since the late 90’s,” says WPAW’s Vice president Joseph Gonzalez. “WPAW is considered to be one of the oldest organizations on campus and looks to keep the fire burning for years to come.”

Each year, with the goal of keeping things interesting, the members of the radio station gather ideas for food and a theme. This year the food came from Applebee’s and the theme was stress coloring. “Applebee’s was the best option to get something common for everyone to enjoy and at the same time not over exceed the budget.”

“Applebee’s was the best option to get something common for everyone to enjoy and at the same time not over exceed the budget,” Gonzalez said.

Alex Meister, who is in charge of Public Relations, views the stress coloring as a way for “individuals to come in and take their minds off of the everyday stress they may be facing and turn into a kid just for a little bit and have some fun.”

The year prior the theme of the event was candy land and WPAW is hoping to top this year’s theme with next year’s glow in the dark one, which they hope will attract a large crowd.

“I just came for the food and while I was sitting down eating I found out that there were some really talented people here,”  Junior Ja’sheem Martin said.

The food selection was simple but satisfying as it kept drawing people in and was gone almost within the hour of the start of the event. There were sliders, French fries, Mozzarella sticks, and beverages.

“When I got there the food was completely gone so I turned to the colored pencils and coloring paper to keep me occupied and it turned out to be a fun and productive night”, senior Aurellia Cammock said.

There were registered performers there that night and although a sign-up sheet was posted prior to the event people were continuing to sign up while the event was taking place. There was a decent crowd there and according to senior Kristina Rueben,

“WPAW can put a W in the win column for a successful night,” Rueben said.

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