Pace Spirit Prevails During Homecoming 2017

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Pace Spirit Prevails During Homecoming 2017

Adiba Sikder, Editor-in-Chief

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The football team may have lost the homecoming game, but that hasn’t stopped Pace students from displaying their pride on Saturday.

Students started prepping for the game at the start of Tailgating at Lot F, the opening for Saturday’s homecoming events.

Students were screaming, shouting, and singing in order to help motivate the football team to score and win, even when it was clear to many that Pace was going to lose the game.

Adiba Sikder
Students cheering during the football game

“Having spirit and cheering can help hype the team up and help them do better. I honestly think that we lost because the team got overconfident because everyone was cheering so much,” said Jaime Reuter, a junior at Pace.

Many students believe that participating in homecoming and going to the game has helped increase their Pace Pride because it’s not often that so many students gather and participate in any event.

“I feel more connected to Pace and I have more pride. Pace students should go to events because it’s a great time to hang out with friends and feel that connection,” said Gabriela Camacho, a junior at Pace.

Although the football team lost, many were expecting them to win the game, due to their prior wins this season.

“The team has been doing a lot better this season,” said Camacho. “They had their first win in a while a month ago. I wanted to cheer them on because I thought they would win.”

During half-time, Keyshana Dupuy was announced as homecoming queen and Jadiel Martin was announced as homecoming king. However, Martin Krislov, president of Pace, had decided to have lunch with all of the contestants for their hard work and dedication.

Adiba Sikder
Keyshana Dupuy after being crowned homecoming queen.

Students weren’t surprised that Keyshana won because they believe that she has worked hard throughout the years and has actively worked to make Pace a more comfortable community for students and faculty, respectively.

“I’m not surprised that Keyshana won. She deserves to be homecoming queen. Her winning homecoming shows all the connections she’s made with people,” said Kaila Williams, a junior at Pace.

After the game was over, students stayed for an hour afterwards to take pictures and share their pride on social media.

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