Cheyenne Mascaro: A Resilient Face of Pace

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Cheyenne Mascaro: A Resilient Face of Pace

Adiba Sikder, Editor-in-Chief

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Cheyenne Mascaro, sophomore at Pace, believes that being self-aware and recognizing the humanity people display for one another is essential to overcoming some of the biggest obstacles one may face.

Throughout her life and since coming to Pace, Mascaro has faced some tremendous obstacles that helped her learn her limits and how to be resilient and to continue to be active on campus.

During her first semester here at Pace, her mother passed away, leaving her with more than just a high school to college transition.

“It’s already hard being a freshman and then I was going through this dramatic change,” said Mascaro.

Mascaro also has very strong opinions about gun control because her brother shot himself when she was in high school.

“I think that’s what really pushed me to my depression because it was around the time of the Sandy Hook shooting and I just didn’t know what to feel.”

Although Mascaro has continuously experienced several hardships that have impacted her life severely, she has displayed strength and resilience in order to show that she can still succeed.

After being at Pace her freshman year, Mascaro decided to take some time off and mourn the death of her mother with her family and returned to Pace a year later more confidently.

“The Pace community has been really generous and kind to me and I couldn’t be more grateful,” said Mascaro. “The people here become like a family to you.”

After returning to Pace, Mascaro has become heavily involved on campus and joined organizations that she feels extremely passionate about.

Some of the organizations she’s a part of include: Pace Drama Alliance, Hillel and Gamma Sigma Sigma. She also works at the library.

“I’m not Jewish, but I am a part of Hillel because I really appreciate the culture and I love learning about it,” said Mascaro.

Mascaro believes that students should get involved with any organization that interests them because it can be rewarding to learn something about a culture that is completely separate from your own.

“I’ve never really been religious and I actually recently identified as Wiccan and learning about Judaism has been a really fun experience,” said Mascaro.

Mascaro believes that she has been able to excel because of the humanity that has been displayed around her and that the biggest lesson she has learned from her personal experiences is that everyone deserves to live.

“At the end of the day, we are all the same. We all have a beating heart and flesh and we deserve a chance to live. I believe that for everyone,” said Mascaro.

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