Pace Duck Trend “Quacks” People Up on Campus


from @real_pace_duck on Instagram

Lana McLoughlin

They are hidden everywhere on campus and have been for  a couple of weeks. From the Kessel Student Center to Alumni Hall, even on the clock outside of Goldstein Fitness Center, rubber ducks can be seen enjoying their time at Pace in a variety of places. Some examples are, but not limited to, next to a stack of Advil at the Miller Mini Mart or in the Kessel Student Center’s cafeteria near all the food. Everyone is wondering: “who is the mystery person behind this?”

The only statements the duck team is comfortable sharing about themselves right now is that they are all upperclassmen, they know different parts of the campus pretty well, and they hope to share more about them on the official Pace duck Instagram page as time goes on (the account is @real_pace_duck). One of the page’s latest posts is a thank you statement from “the duck guy” as pictured below.

The duck guy stated, “A while back one of us had purchased two hundred rubber ducks with no particular intent. They simply thought it would be a little silly. After thinking for a while and talking with some future members of the Pace Duck team, they decided that putting them around the campus mysteriously would be something fun to do.”

He continued, “After the first few days, it was decided that making an Instagram would be a good way to provide a structure or a game for this idea. We had no clue this would be become as active or as popular as it has become!”

Many are wondering what inspired the viral ducks.

He cheerfully commented, “It’s simple why we chose rubber duckies. Everyone loves them! They stand out enough without being obnoxious which makes finding and hiding them so darn fun!”

By coming up with the duck trend, it gives people a reason to look up from their phones and be more observant in hopes of finding a duck somewhere on campus.

“You have to follow us and share your duckos to find out,” he replied with a winking face emoji.

To conclude, he has a special message to share with everyone. “All we want to say is thank you! Thanks to those who have followed and played along! You all took a truly innocent concept and put your all into it!”

It seems like all of us have truly put our hands on “duck” (pun intended).