Off campus locations to study for finals


Find the best places to prepare for finals off campus.

Riley Sosnowski

Finals week is fast approaching which tends to cause a lot of unwanted stress. Assignments will begin to pile up and holiday plans will become busy. Places off campus will be good stress relievers and make for great study spots. Now is the time to start walking around off campus to find little nooks that best suit you for study week. Some places are already known to Pace students and are especially popular during this time before break.

The most popular places for studying are at coffee shops. Especially chain shops like Dunkin’ and Starbucks, which usually offer free wifi. Sipping on a coffee while studying makes it so much more enjoyable. Although Black Cow is new to town, this coffee spot could offer a good working environment.

“A great study spot is Starbucks,” sophomore Michelle Broa said. “You can never go wrong with it. They have many tables to study at and you can get a drink and snack to help make your studying time go faster. There aren’t a lot of people that sit and stay, so I get done with a lot of my studying there.”

On Wheeler Avenue, there are a lot of places to eat which would be great for studying. The Fat Root, Dolphin South Trattoria and Grand Central Bagel Café are some places that students can escape to to study and really focus.

There are many benefits of getting off campus and walking around to find a place that suits you. It can be difficult to focus on campus when the majority of your time is spent here. Off campus locations, such as Starbucks, provide a social aspect of being surrounded by people, but alone enough to focus. It can also break you away from campus dining for a change.

It is good to get off of campus and go for a walk to relieve stress and tensions. There are several places to go and relax a little while finals are occurring. Tasks can pile up fast, make sure to organize your priorities and get the things you need done. Getting away from your friends and dorm to focus on your studies is a good idea because you are always around those things. So focus now, study hard and get those high grades. It will be worth it in the end. Once finals are over, winter break is among us.