Career Services Moves to Paton House

Paton House currently under construction

Paton House currently under construction

Adiba Sikder

Adiba Sikder

Paton House currently under construction

Adiba Sikder, Feature Editor

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Career services is expected to move to Paton House by January 2018 in order to make traveling to their office more convenient for students.

Career services currently has two offices: one in the Kessel Student Center with one counselor Monday through Thursday from 12:30-2:00 and an office at the Gannett House which has the entire team of career services counselors, which is Monday through Friday 9:00-5:00.

Although Career Services have an office with one counselor at Kessel Student Center, they believe that students can benefit more from the help of the entire team of counselors.

“Now that our department is moving, each counselor and each school can have their own walk-in hours instead of just one. This will make Career Services more accessible to students,” said Bless Vaidian, the Director of Career Counseling.

Career Services actively works to get students to be more involved in their programs so they can be ready to be hired, however, students have raised concerns about career services being too far for them to walk to.

“I want to go to Career Services, but it’s so far of a walk. By the time I’m out of class and done with whatever I need to do for the day, I don’t want to walk back up that hill just to go to a workshop,” said Jacob Souders, a junior.

After Career Services officially moves, there are going to be a few major changes to their programs. They’re going to have their workshops based in Paton House, events on site, and on-campus interviews.

“Most of our workshops happen in the Mortola Library or Kessel and our on-campus interviews take place at the Goldstein Academic Center, so it can get a little confusing for students to keep track of where we are next,” said Vaidian.

Ultimately, the goal for Career Services is to have make it more convenient for students to feel motivated to participate in their workshops and to start going sooner in their college careers, rather than later.

“I didn’t start going until late last year and now I’m a senior and I feel like I’m still not completely ready for a real job. I knew I needed to go to them sooner, but I was too busy throughout the semester to walk there,” said TJ Combs, a senior.

Career Services has been active on social media in order to raise the student’s interest in their programs and to inform them of the new workshops and events that are happening on a daily basis.

“ I don’t check my phone all the time but I’m at that point in my college career where I need to start checking the Career Services account on Instagram to make sure I’m not missing anything important or any opportunities because I got too lazy to check,” said Kaila Williams, a junior.



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