Society19 has a new chapter at Pace

Society19 features a variety of college students as writers on their campus. Each college has its own group of writers and those who are interested can contact Kaylyn Fountain.

Contributed by Kaylyn Fountain

Society19 features a variety of college students as writers on their campus. Each college has its own group of writers and those who are interested can contact Kaylyn Fountain.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

A popular online college publication, Society19, now has its own place at Pace. Kaylyn Fountain, a Digital Cinema and Filmmaking major, was scrolling through internships on Handshake when she came across an editorial position at Society19. 

Society19 is a nationwide published magazine that contains segments relatable to the young adulthood life. Many writers on the page will discuss things such as college life, fashion, fitness, food, movies, latest trends and more. The publication gives writers an opportunity to offer tips and write about topics they have interests in. 

Fountain never heard of the publication, but found out its popularity when she explained to others her internship.

With Fountain’s internship, she is the editor-in-chief for the Pace University chapter. Part of her job includes recruiting writers for the publication and editing their pieces. This is the first time Pace University has had a Society 19 chapter in recent years. 

“On my editor platform… I get a drop down list and there was a bunch of writers there but none of them are currently active. So there might have been… [ a chapter, a while ago,] on this campus or the New York City campus,” Fountain said.

Currently, Fountain recruited two other writers and found a social media chair. She is working on expanding her staff by reaching out to the department heads of the English and Media, Communications and Visual Departments.  Fountain choose these two departments as a head-start because the majority of those students within the departments have an interest in writing and will utilize the skills for the rest of their careers. 

In addition, Fountain created a partnership with Entrance One PR Agency and is working with them to create flyers for recruiting purposes. 

Fountain coordinates the group through a group message chat where they discuss various story ideas. In order to write for the publication, each member has to write one article a week. The articles will then go to Fountain who will edit them and then send them to be published on the webpage. 

However, Fountain says that she and the organization are understanding that schoolwork comes first and are willing to make accommodations once in awhile and will extend deadlines if needed. 

Since it is the Pace chapter, along with writing about students various interests, the members will have to write pieces that are connected to the Pace community. For example, students wrote about fun things to do in Pleasantville and the top pizza places in the area. This is in addition to articles about college life and their interests.

Fountain’s hope is that the Society19 chapter is here to stay on the campus for future semester’s to come. 

“Theoretically… as a writer, your ridership would end at the end of the semester because I would no longer be editor-in-chief as my internship would be up, but the site is looking for someone to fill my role now,” stated Fountain. 

In order for the chapter to stay alive, Pace need to have a connector person between Society19 and the Campus. Fountain is looking to see if someone on her current team wants to take that role or whether they will be looking outside the team. 

The ability to have published work on a national publication can play benefits for a students future and be a key component on ones resume.

“The biggest thing that a student can get out of writing is the fact that within at least a week and a half of submitting your article, it gets published on their website…” stated Fountain.