Pace Book Club is now accepting book donations


Joseph Gonzalez

The Pace Book Club revives their annual book drive.

Ibrahim Ahmet Aksoy, Contributing Writer

Pace University book club holds its second annual book drive throughout the campus. The event, sponsored by the book club, accepts every book to promote literacy and make reading more accessible for communities.

The club collected 200 books last year. Now, in its second year of accepting donations, the book drive hopes to receive more books.

Last year, the book club donated children-category books to boys and girls clubs, and adult-category books to veteran associations.

Mackenzie Morgan, president of the book club, and Alexis Curcio, vice president of the book club, believe that these donations will contribute to society in a positive manner. With every donation, another child will be able to read a book that he or she may have never heard of.

“Literacy is a privilege that so few have,” adds Mackenzie, mentioning the event’s purpose.

The book drive accepts book donations until February 20 located in the Kessel Student Center, the Alumni Hall Lobby, and the Mortola Library.

Another event Pace book club organizes in February is a blind date with a book event. The club members wrap Mortola Library’s books in brown papers and write little hints about the books’ theme around Valentine’s Day. Readers first have to read little notes about the book and write what their opinions are about the book before reading it. Only after these steps can readers take the book home.

So far, they have 10 books checked out and hoping to increase the numbers more until the Mortola Library-sponsored event ends on February 15. It also aims to give a simple message, never judge a book by its cover.

With the beginning of the spring semester, the Pace book club resumes its weekly meetings on Wednesdays during common hour. The club, partnered with the Mortola Library, encourages everybody to attend, regardless of how much they read.

“It was a 2:00 a.m. idea,” Mackenzie describes how she and Alexis decided to create the book club. The club wants to have a space for students, faculty, and staff to share different perspectives during discussions on meeting times.