Class-Action lawsuit to be served against Pace


Xaviera Marbury filed a class-action lawsuit against Pace over refund money.

Alexis Nieman, Media Editor

Three class-action lawsuits have been filed against universities in New York. Students from Columbia, Long Island University and Pace University have all argued that their universities have not “adequately refunded or reimbursed students for tuition and other fees they paid to have in-person, on-campus classes and other activities,” according to an article by CNN.

Pace University officials state that they have not yet been served with the lawsuit. 

The student from Pace who filed is Xaviera Marbury, a former resident at the NYC campus. The lawsuit was filed on April 23 and stated: “Other costs that the Defendant is no longer providing, or has provided inadequate and/or arbitrary reimbursement that does not fully compensate Plaintiff and members of the Class for their loss.” 

Marbury claimed that the housing refund is “completely arbitrary and wholly inadequate.” Marbury paid $9,380 for her dorm for the Spring semester and will receive $2,000 as a housing refund. Marbury also claimed Pace has “refused and continues to refuse to offer any refund whatsoever on its meal plans.”

However, an email sent to the student body by Provost Vanya Quiñones on April 1 stated that the student’s meal plan will roll over to the next year, and any unused Spring 2020 meal plan for seniors will be refunded. 

Pace spokeswoman Marie Boster stated that the university is planning to use CARES Act, the coronavirus relief fund which was passed by Congress, to support students but has not received any payment yet.  

“Pace University, like other colleges and universities across the globe, was forced to quickly adjust to the effect of a pandemic on our institution,” Boster said. “Since transitioning to remote learning, as mandated by the State of New York, academic programs and services have continued. In addition, recognizing that students are under increased stress, an option of a pass/fail grade is available to most students. We also recognize that academics aren’t the only part of a college experience, so services, from the learning center to mental health counseling to University Health Care, are being delivered online and by other means to provide personalized, interactive support. Housing fee adjustments for students who had to leave the residence halls are being issued.”

This lawsuit is the result of a petition that was started by Pace students in order to voice their displeasure with the amount of the housing refund. 

“This calculation of refund for students is inaccurate,” the petition’s owner Ashnique Powell stated. “Although this also affects the city campus, I am speaking for the Westchester campus… The majority of Pace students were off-campus by March 15 if not sooner. Most students spent approximately half the semester on campus before being asked to leave, which means residential students should be receiving approximately half of our housing payment back.”

As of today, the petition has 1,444 signatures.