More Spices in the Melting Pot

Pot representing America, in this case Pace and the spices that go inside the pot. Photo courtesy of google.

Pot representing America, in this case Pace and the spices that go inside the pot. Photo courtesy of google.

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

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Professors are individuals that we look to for guidance, advice, and structure. As young adults growing up in the world, as tough as it is now, those are detrimental and key factors to our success. Now when we look at those professors or authority figures here at Pace we see a lot of color and that being white.

There is nothing wrong with that but when it comes to having some culture and to have stories shared from different backgrounds and ethnicities, then it becomes a little bit of an issue. There are some things that students need to hear from first-hand experience that may not always be presented to them concerning certain issues.

“I do believe that not having enough diversity in the faculty and staff department can be problematic for students because of the image it gives off,” said Cornell Craig, Director of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Programs. Craig explained that having lack of diversity with authority figures can cause students to have a fixed mind on what authority figures in the real world will look like. If they see a shift in that dynamic, then their perception of the world will change.

Students look to someone who they can relate to and to tell them what are some of the challenges that will lie ahead because what they look like. This may not necessarily be as effective if it were coming from professors who may not look the same as most of their students.

Craig also brought up another good point when he said, “we see a lot more diversity, mainly minorities, when it comes to security, janitorial services, and cafeteria workers. What type of message does that send?”

Not to say that it is terrible to see them working those type of professions, but students get accustomed to seeing that because its presented to them on a regular day basis. So once they step outside the campus it’s almost as if students expect to see minorities work in those fields and to see white people in positions of power.

I know that it’s not the message Pace University intends to send out but to someone on the outside looking in, or to students who are here day in and day out, it can be the message that is being perceived.

Diversity is extremely important not only at the University but in life period. It forces individuals to open up their eyes and get a little dose of life from people of different cultures, backgrounds, and races. At the end of the day we are all on this Earth together so we might as well get to know one another a little better.

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