Why is North Hall left out of the Shuttle Loop?


Josiah Darnell

The bus stop sign that resides in the North Hall parking lot.

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

North Hall has been looked down upon and considered one of the worst dorms, if not the worst, on campus. Martin Hall, even with its similar structure, is not considered nearly as bad, particularly due to the presence of Pace Perk. North Hall is also the furthest dorm on campus from other buildings. The Townhouses come close but it has a bus stop that is used frequently and most of the students who reside there have vehicles.

North Hall residents may have cars, but that does not excuse the fact that the residence hall’s bus stop is barely used. Most students are not even aware of the bus stop due to the fact that it is largely ignored by Pace’s transportation services.

Buses do not run to North until 10:45pm. That means throughout the day, buses will not stop at North. This makes life a little more difficult for North residents because they are more inclined to walk everywhere they need to go. The closest bus stop to them is the one at the Alumni, Elm, and Martin circle but that’s still a pretty lengthy walk, especially when there’s a bus stop in their parking lot.

North is also the first building buses have to past when they enter campus at entrance three. If that is the case, then North should be the first stop. Why wait until 10:45pm? It should not be that much of a hassle to put North Hall in the daily bus stop rotation. It is also hard to understand why that when buses are coming from Memorial Plaza, they go straight to the Townhouses.

However, bus drivers are lenient and they will stop at the circle that leads up to the Townhouses so students do not have to wait for the bus to come back down. Again, the walk from that circle is still pretty far for North residents. Why make them walk that distance when there is a bus stop right there in their parking lot.

All other dorm residents have access to a bus stop that is relatively close to them. It just does not seem fair. Other than the Townhouses, North has a deep walk to everything.

“North Hall is the farthest dormitory on campus and it confuses me as to why the bus only stops here during late night hours. Martin, Elm, and Alumni has hours throughout the whole day so why is North excluded?” asked North Hall resident Laura Valenzuela. “North is a dormitory just like other buildings and the students who live in North deserve to have the same easy bus access as other students who live in different dorms.”

Valenzuela is just one of the many North Hall residents that share the same issue. It would clearly be more convenient if they had better access to the bus just like the residents in other dorms do.