In Appreciation of Winter: The Beauty of a Snow-covered Campus


Katie Walsh

During one of the brief snowstorms this season, the snow covers the trees and road.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

As the end of February nears and the start of March sprouts, many are hoping for any sight of spring that they see coming this way. However, the beauty of winter should not be underestimated, as it bring along warmth and comfort to the Pace campus and the rest of the northeast.

I, for one, love the winter because there’s nothing like sitting on your bed, in sweatpants watching the snow fall outside of the dorm room window, while studying for your academic studies.

The comfort of winter is remembrance of home, wearing comfortable clothes and plugging in the scents of Christmas cookies and vanilla cupcake into the wall- air refresher.

Although the cold can be frustrating for walking around (which is my biggest downfall of winter), specifically with the wind chills on a campus like Pace, there’s nothing like bundling up for a day to run errands and finding an excuse to take in the coffee, teas, soups and oatmeals  of the world.

Furthermore, it’s a beautiful sight to see the campus covered in snow, icicles falling from the trees and Choate pond frozen solid with the cold extremities.

For any winter lover, it’s safe to say that this one has been quite disappointing, as we are all waiting for the annual large nor’easter to come through to pile up the snow and move classes to Blackboard for days. 

As we can predict, the snow will probably arrive during Pace’s spring break, March 17 – March 24, which may as well be a wasted opportunity for the students, specifically for those who aren’t granted the opportunity to see the snow where they are from. But at least we can see the beauty of the sun shining on the snow that has fallen on the ground.

Maybe I’m impartial to the snow because I used to play ice hockey and still continue to work at a rink, or maybe its because my roommate is from Texas and her excitement over the tiniest snow experiences has made me grateful for the opportunities that I have had living in the northeast. Or maybe it’s just because I’m a huge fan of comfort with sweatpants, sweatshirts, long sleeves and I love to drink all different types of tea, as well as embrace a cup of black coffee. But it truly is college that brought out the appreciation of winter, I never knew to experience before. 

Katie Walsh
A close-up shot of ice around campus.