Avoiding the ‘Freshman 15’: Snacks that Love You Back


Katie Walsh

Some essential foods for a college student to keep in their dorm room for sustained energy throughout the day.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

         It’s only week 3 of the fall semester and students are already sick of eating the same things from Kessel, but they want to avoid spending their entire September budget on going out to eat or ordering take-out. Fortunately, Pace allows micro-fridges in dorm spaces, and there’s also the option of using the kitchens located in every dorm building. Personally, there are a few must-haves that every college student should try and keep for healthy snacking and for a food break from Kessel.

        I highly suggest keeping cereals or individual packets of oatmeal stocked for quick and easy breakfasts, especially for students that have early morning classes, which can cut time off your morning routine.  Furthermore, you can always stock up on the cereals in Kessel beforehand.

      A stocked fridge is essential for those upcoming cold days when a trip outdoors becomes a 30-minute process of bundling up. Additionally, stocking up on a wide variety of food groups is key for staying healthy. 

     String cheese, milk, and Greek yogurt are great staples for snacks or even as part of breakfast and serve as a key way to get dairy, a well as some extra protein in. There are also dairy-free options for those who are vegan or commit to a dairy-free diet. Additionally, various forms of dairy can serve as a way to get healthy fats into one’s diet.  

      For vegetables, foods to stock in one’s fridge include baby carrots, bell peppers or raw string beans.  These foods serve as a way to consume some essential vitamins.

     In addition, many of fridges come with freezers where quick frozen meals can be stored for those nights where Kessel and cooking both seem unthinkable. Furthermore, there’s always room to squeeze in some ice cream for a treat after a long day of studying. 

     Essential canned foods for students included tuna or salmon, which are good sources of protein, and canned soups, although never as good as mom’s homemade soups, they provide a quick and easy meal for the on-the-go college student.  Convenient dry foods to keep around included crackers and cereal, which help students maintain energy throughout the day.  

    Other staples may include comfort foods, like mac and cheese, and bread or wraps to make a variety of sandwiches.  

    Also, it is important that students keep hydrated so having some beverages, such as vitamin water, stocked in one’s room, may save a student a trip to Kessel for a single drink. 

    It is worth noting that many foods come in single size containers, which makes them convenient to store in one’s micro-fridge or room, as well as convenient to prepare.  Additionally, students can partition food into single servings using reusable containers.   

    Pace students can easily replenish their food supplies by walking or taking the shuttle into town and purchasing the food items of their choosing.  Furthermore, some food stores make deliveries of food items. Whatever your favorite food items, bon appetit.