P.A.C.E Gets French Montana


Derek Kademian, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Pace NYC campus welcomed a slew of entertainers Thur. night in honor of their annual homecoming concert presented by the P.A.C.E. Board.

Rappers B.o.B, French Montana, DJ Earworm and DJ Spynfo lit up the crowd with an assortment of top 40 tracks and hard hitting, twerkifying tunes.

“French Montana definitely stole the show,” senior marketing major Jared Lawrence said.

After a decade of being in the music business, Montana has risen to fame in the past two years because of collaborations with Kanye West, Rick Ross, and several other top tier rappers.

Even if students weren’t necessarily into Montana’s style, DJ Earworm, whose annual mashups of Top 40 tracks have brought him much success, also played.

“His end of the year mashups have millions of views every year so we thought it would be great way to mix in pop and hip-hop for people who aren’t into rap,” senior accounting major and co-president of the P.A.C.E. Board Lesly Abzun said.

The P.A.C.E Board, who are also responsible for the past several years’ performances by Fabolous, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and several other artists, presented the event. Apparently it’s not as easy as it seems to land such notable entertainers.

“We sent out a survey this summer asking students who they would like to see, from the 40+ names we gathered we break it down by availability and affordability…some of the most frequent names we saw were names like Lady Gaga or Britney Spears, but it’s just terribly unrealistic because of the insane amount of money they ask for,” senior arts & entertainment management major and co-president of the P.A.C.E. Board Rachal Wildner said.

According to Wildner, they also used “Facebook battles” through a polling application on the P.A.C.E. Board Facebook Page, in which students could vote between two artists at a time. These applications dwindled the list down to about ten people and they decided between five members of the Board to make the final decision.

“It can be tough to get everyone to agree, but in the end, it’s all about creating a diverse line-up so that everyone can have a great time,” Wildner said.

By the night of the concert it was completely sold out. With this in mind, P.A.C.E. Board members have even higher aspirations.

“We’re thinking about moving the concert to some kind of venue so that we can have more people attend, if we generate a bigger crowd we can afford to bring in bigger names,” Abzun said.

With high hopes and support from students, P.A.C.E. Board is trying to keep everyone happy and to keep them twerking through the night.

For more pictures and videos of all the action use #pacehc2013 or #pacehomecoming on Instagram.