Student’s Favorite Study Spots on Campus


Leanna Ward, Editor-In-Chief

In college, it can be challenging to balance your school and social life. This is why planning ahead and finding time for class work whether it’s studying, writing essays, or simply completing the week’s discussion posts, is crucial to your success as a college student. Additionally, finding a place to complete your work is one of the most important factors. 

Finding time week to week for class work is hard enough, but one challenge that is often overlooked is finding places where you can do your work without distraction. For those living in the dorms with roommates and in some cases, not having desks in their dorm rooms; it may feel nearly impossible to find a place to be able to focus and crank out essays and study for exams, especially for freshmen and transfer students who are not as familiar with Pace’s Pleasantville campus.

Where you study depends on what kind of studying you are doing. Some spots are better suited for group study sessions while others are better for cranking out work solo. Study lounges in residence halls such as study rooms in Alumni and Elm Hall, as well as floor lounges in North and Martin hall, can work well for all types of work and are easily accessible to all resident students who live in these buildings.

For those living outside of these buildings, the library has sections fitted to all different students’ needs and is accessible to both resident and commuter students. All students are encouraged to use this space as its studious nature promotes a good work ethic and productivity also making it a very popular spot.

We asked on The Pace Chronicle Instagram what followers’ favorite study spots on campus were, one mentioned the table in the courtyard outside of the fitness center, shouting out campus business Pace Fit, for their smoothies which serve as great study snacks.

Another mentioned the second floor of the library as a favored spot. The second floor of the library features study booths, large roundtables for groups, and quiet areas at the ends of each bookshelf, which act as good locations for cramming sessions and heavy duty work. Another big student favorite is the Alumni Hall lounge next to Starbucks for both the indoor and outdoor sections.

Remember not to sleep on outdoor spaces while the weather is still nice, as they make for some of the most relaxing and pretty study spots on campus! A student favorite is outside of the library by the pond. The lawns outside of Elm and Alumni make for great study spots either with friends or solo as well.