Taking Chances


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Janine Jones, Copy Editor

Hello Friends,

Even though it’s only been two weeks, I feel as if we’ve gotten pretty close. I share my book suggestions and opinions, you read my thoughts and pretend like you care – it’s a pretty solid dynamic, don’t you think?

Since we have gotten so close, I feel as though I can officially share with you one of the books that I love with an unexplainable passion, so much so, that it borders hatred. I feel as though I need to give some background on why I feel so strongly about this book.

Picture this:

It’s 2012, around Thanksgiving and my best friend, Nya, has lent me her Kindle to read this new book called Taking Chances by Molly McAdams. The only words she gives me before reading said book are, “Don’t get attached to anyone. Don’t fall in love with any characters. JUST. DON’T.” But of course, I, being the stubborn and hardheaded individual I am, do not listen because I’m an independent woman who doesn’t need the advice of a loving friend who is trying to look out for my heart. A beautiful soul of a best friend, who has told me FROM EXPERIENCE that this book would RUIN LIVES… Why didn’t I listen?

GIF courtesy of reactiongifs.us
GIF courtesy of reactiongifs.us

Taking Chances revolves around 18 year old, Harper, who is about to start her first year of college at San Diego State University and her first year away from her strict marine father. With the help of her roommate, Harper gets into the party scene where she meets TWO guys, Chase and Brandon. Harper falls in love… with both guys, but the love for each guy is not the same. Let me tell you why: with the “bad boy”, Chase, Harper was constantly trying to protect her heart because she knew that he had the potential to hurt her, but the “good guy”, Brandon, was her Ole Faithful – he was the one that she knew would never hurt her intentionally, the one who was always there for her even when she didn’t necessarily deserve it. At the end, Molly McAdams just throws my heart to the wolves without a care in the world.

This book is 432 pages long, but in the grand scheme of things it’s nothing in comparison to havoc it will wreak on your emotions. Don’t let the thought of inevitable heartbreak keep you from reading this amazing book.

But first, some words of wisdom that I should’ve listened to four years ago: Don’t get attached to anyone. Don’t fall in love with any characters. JUST…

GIF courtesy of tumblr.
GIF courtesy of tumblr.