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Janine Jones, Copy Editor

Janine Jones is a senior Public Relations major at Pace University. She lives in the most faithful building on campus, Martin Hall, with her loving "mom", aka roommate, Rachel. Janine is one of those people who says things so seriously you never know whether or not she's joking, but you laugh anyway. Her interests include reading books faster than professors give back essays, Netflix, predicting what happens next in movies and TV shows, striving to be more like the fictional gay black man Titus Andromedon, and locating the body of cold water that Justin Bieber is willing to jump into.
Janine is a prisoner of Shondaland and lives for #TGIT. On any given Thursday night, you can find her prepping for the day that she might need to perform emergency surgery, figuring out how to become the next Olivia Pope (future presidential affair included), and plotting to make Frank love her to the point of committing murders for her.

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Marks & Spencer launched a line of burkinis that have been the center of quite a bit of controversy. (Photo courtesy of Metro)

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The cover of

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September 7, 2016
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