iPhone 7 Review


iPhones 7 and 7 Plus. Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Janine Jones, Copy Editor

Another year, another highly anticipated iPhone release for Pace students and people all over to obsess over. This year Apple will be releasing the newest additions to the iPhone family, the 7 and 7 Plus.

The 7 comes with a lot of welcomed changes like a longer battery life, the elimination of the useless 16GB option, and, most importantly, it’s waterproof (SUCK IT, ANDROID). Yes kiddies, you read that right, Apple has FINALLY caught up with the times and made their new phones resistant to your typical water disasters. Gone are the days where dropping your phone in the sink or leaving your phone in your back pocket while using the bathroom means that it is the end of the world. Rice baths are an official thing of the past.

Pace University sophomore, Catherine Robustelli, knows this frustration all too well, but doesn’t plan on upgrading unless her father, who is an Apple partner and gets to test out new products, gives her the new iPhone.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” said Robustelli. “I mean, yeah, there are certain aspects that I don’t understand; for example, the missing headphone jack, but I still think it’s cool.”

On the other hand, Pace senior, Lauren Nizinski, who plans on upgrading her phone status thanks to a program offered by her provider called “iPhone Forever”. So whenever a new phone comes out, she can just go to the store and get the new one to help “spice up” her phone life when she gets bored of the phone she has.

“I always get excited when a new iPhone comes out, even if it’s simple changes, I want it,” said Nizinski. “That’s also just because I’m annoying and want the newest of everything, but I think it seems pretty cool, I like the new colors, but the no headphone jack thing is killing my vibe.”

The main unwelcome change from the new 7 and 7 Plus, and overall vibe killer is the announcement that the new phones are sans headphone jack. Thus introducing the new AirPods, which are bluetooth headphones that will come with every phone, along with an adapter that will take the 3.5mm headphone jack for those who are in denial and refuse to conform.

“I guess in theory it’s cool, but I don’t like it,” said Nizinski. “No one will be able to hand me the aux anymore, and I am pretty bummed about it. I feel like they want to do something totally different since they always just change the size and stuff but I’m not a fan of it.”

Just so that you are mentally and emotionally prepared, if you were to lose or break these AirPods they would cost you a whopping $159. As opposed to purchasing the adapter at a much reasonable and more wallet friendly, nine dollars.

A new color option has also been introduced with the new phones called, Jet Black, which features a glossy, black, back to contrast the preexisting matte Black.