Lady Gaga’s Epic Super Bowl Halftime Performance


Photo courtesy of CNN.

Janine Jones, Copy Editor

Sunday night was one of the biggest nights for television. Why, you ask? Because of the Super Bowl, the night where everyone agrees to come together and not complain about commercials, watch a 12 minute concert, and see some football get mixed in there.

In recent years, Super Bowl has become more about the iconic commercials and halftime performances and less about what happens on the field, and I’m not one to complain. Especially when we were blessed enough to have the one and only Lady Gaga perform for halftime. If you are a fan, you saw the behind the scenes videos that were released leading up to the big day where you see Gaga rehearsing and planning out her performance, which resulted in a buildup of excitement.

After five months of waiting, Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show finally happened, and it was EPIC. Her performance, which she dedicated to her Little Monsters (fans), was everything and more. She started out on top of the stadium in a glittery bodysuit singing “God Bless America” with red, white, and blue stars behind her. Which, despite current circumstances, made me feel so proud to be an American.

Then she jumps from the top of the stadium and flew down to a tower where she began to sing “Poker Face” and encouraging the crowd to sing along. Just as the song is picking up it then morphs into “Born This Way” where she jumps down to yet another stage and joins her backup dancers. During this song, pyro was shooting up from the floor while Gaga and her dancers were dancing in unison to an anthem about acceptance and self-love – it was perfection.

Next up was “Telephone” where the world secretly wondered if Beyonce would make a surprise appearance following the recent pregnancy announcement. In case you didn’t watch, SPOILER ALERT: Beyonce was nowhere in sight. Then with a keyboard strapped around her neck and a gold studded jacket, Gaga brought us back to the beginning with her breakout hit “Just Dance”.

Bringing it back to the present, sitting behind a piano under dimmed lights, Lady Gaga slowed it down and sang “Million Reasons” from her new album, Joanne. I was hoping that she would sing this song and when she did my eyes got all misty, my wish came true, my life was made. There were swaying golden lanterns and what seemed like a million shining stars during her performance. Then she reminded us that she was in fact human, instead of an infinite being with the voice of a powerful angel, by saying hi to her mom and dad in the middle of the song.

For her final song, Gaga performed “Bad Romance” complete with a costume change into a white crop top and sparkly shorts and perfectly synchronized monster choreography. Right before the song was over, she hops atop another platform as balls of fire shoot up in the air behind her. When she finished the song, Gaga did a literal mic drop and jumped in the night sky like the ultimate superhero of all of our dreams combined.

For those 12 minutes, I was honestly and truly living my best life. Her performance was amazing and we mere humans were not deserving.