Revving Your Engines: Weird and Wacky Turn-Ons

Gabrielle Davina, Sex Columnist

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When I was dating my high school boyfriend, I would get the strangest tingly feeling when he’d stretch his arms up, arch his back and touch the ceiling. I have no idea why, but there was just something about it…uh, yes. I was turned on, and I’m the first one to admit that’s effing weird.

People who are into kinky things like zip ties and ball gags think they’re so strange, but if you think about it, the real weirdos are the ones who get turned on by things that are inherently unsexual. When I decided to write a column about strange turn-ons, I put out a request on Facebook asking fellow Pace students to tell me the out-of-the-ordinary things that turned them on the most. Within a few minutes, I was inundated with turn-on confessions that surprised even me.

So since there were so many weirdos with unusual stimuli revving their engines, what’s the reality? We’re all mad here! From physical turn-ons like big ears and visible scars to situational turn-ons like having your partner laugh during sex, Pace boasts a variety of sexual creatures who get turned on by just about anything. We’re horny, we’re human and our libidos have a mind of their own. Here are 12 of the most unique interests out there. (Note: All names have been changed)

1. “I love when a girl had a really neat, clean room.” – Robert S.

2. “I’m a fan of the mustache if they can pull it off—like ‘70s porn star ‘stache. It’s sexy that they are confident enough to have one.” –Jen K.

3. “When a girl has mismatched bra and panties, it’s so sexy because that means the sex was spontaneous. If her bra and panties match, it was obviously planned.” –Justin D.

4. “This sounds really weird, but watching a guy ruffle through stuff…like ruffling through stacks of paper, flipping through them. That’s hot.” –Anna X.

5. “Social awkwardness. It doesn’t work for everyone, but wow, I can definitely think of someone whose social awkwardness turns me on.” –Ilene L.

6. “I like my knees rubbed, like, all the time. I also really like it when a guy cracks my back or I crack his.” –Ella P.

7. “Probably the weirdest turn-on for me would be busted up knuckles on pointer and middle finger, ‘cause that would mean they’re a boxer or some type of martial artist and I’m all about that. Oh, and a boy in super hero pajamas…but he has to have a nice ass for those.” –Lindsey L.

8. “A girl’s back dimples…mmm.” –Leonardo D.

9. “I like a girl to have nice plain, medium-long, filed nails.” –Sean S.

10. “Girls wearing ankle socks and sneakers to bed—they look like athletes, like they’re going to the gym.” –Rick R.

11. “I really enjoy belly buttons.” –Timothy A.

12. “Mmm…meaty backs and bushy eyebrows.” –Alexia S.

Next time you think no one of value will ever be into you as-is, look over this list. People justify their horniness and sexual actions however they see fit, and your awkwardness or sneaker-wearing habit might just put someone over the edge. I once decided to go all the way with a person I was only otherwise fooling around with because he used a great vocabulary word in bed. Look over those old SAT books: who knows, maybe your vocabulary will get you laid, too?

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