The Juice Obsession

Catharine Conway, Health & Beauty Editor

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Freshman environmental studies major Haylei Peart, lives a very healthy lifestyle. Doing yoga and pilates twice a week, it was no surprise when she expressed her experience with her past two juice cleanses.

According to, juicing is the process of extracting liquid from natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables, for the purpose of supplying the body with vitamins and minerals.

“Juicing is a really cool way to get all of your nutrients really fast,” Peart said. “You can really juice anything, but you need fruits and vegetables that have high water content.”

The juicing process is simple. Chopping up the ingredients and putting them in a juicer is all that needs to be done. Leaving the skin on the product is not a problem for certain kinds of juicers; otherwise, peeling the skin before chopping is recommended.

“A juice cleanse is drinking nothing but fruits and vegetable juices. It jumpstarts your diet and is a good way to start if you are changing your lifestyle,” Peart said.

Peart suggests that easing the body into a juice cleanse is better than going cold turkey. By giving up processed foods and going vegetarian leading up to the cleanse gives the body time to process the change instead of being shocked.

“By drinking different kinds of juices multiple times a day, you don’t feel the difference between the juices and regular food,” Peart said.

However, a juice cleanse should not last more than five days because then the body is denied certain nutrients and benefits.

“To end a juice cleanse, you set your limits on what to eat next, and go gradually into heavier foods. Start with salad and whole fruits and ease your way into meats and carbs, and so on,” Peart said.

Interested in a juice cleanse? Go to juicerecipes,com for recipes to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

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