Tyler Owens Reinstated to Football Team, Issues Apology


(Left) Tyler Owens plays as defensive lineman. Photo via Pace Athletics. (Right) The image was released by an alleged group of African-American students.

JAMES MIRANDA, Sports Editor

Tyler Owens was reinstated to Pace’s football team Wednesday morning, according to Drew Brown, Associate Athletics Director.

Owens and head coach Andrew Rondeau confirmed the reinstatement.

“Tyler Owens has been reinstated as an active member of the football team, but he is no longer captain,” read a statement from the University, according to an email from Drew Brown.

Athletics Director Mark Brown was not available to give a statement.

Owens’ apology read:

“I want to express and offer my sincere apology to everyone I have offended or harmed, especially my teammates, fellow students, and the Pace University community.

“The photo of me released to media does not represent my thoughts or views in any way. I regret the poor decision and lapse of judgment captured in that moment in the photograph. The release of the photograph to social media occurred without my participation or consent. The person depicted is not who I am, nor how I was raised and does not reflect my true character.

“As a result I have been removed as a captain on the football team and served a three game suspension.  During my suspension I have worked closely with Cornell Craig and the Office of Multicultural Affairs & Diversity Programs to learn from my mistake of which I take full responsibility.  I am dedicated to continue improving as a person through knowledge and awareness on topics of diversity.  I also look forward to working with the campus community to learn and grow from this poor decision.”

Owens was reinstated following an investigation conducted by the Affirmative Action Office.

Pace President Stephen Friedman and head of the Affirmative Action Office Lisa Miles were contacted, but said they are unable to comment on the investigation.

The Athletics Department was also unable to comment.

Owens had been suspended in reaction to a controversial photo of him that was released first by News 12 Westchester on September 6. The photo– captioned “the grand wizard”– depicted Owens wearing a Confederate Flag and making a Nazi salute.

Owens is now available to play this Friday night against Bentley University.