President Friedman Email on Recent Media Reports of Offensive Picture



Dear Pace Community,

     A photo of a Pace University senior who is also a captain of the football team recently appeared on the social media platform Snapchat and in news segments aired by Westchester broadcast media. The photo depicts the student draped in a Confederate battle flag and giving what appears to be a Nazi salute. An investigation of the circumstances surrounding the taking of the photo and its appearance on social media is being conducted immediately.
     The photograph is highly offensive and contrary to the values of diversity, inclusiveness, and embracing the ethnic and cultural differences among students, faculty, and staff that are deeply held at Pace University and its Athletics Department. That is especially true at this time when states throughout the country are recognizing the symbolic offensiveness of displaying the Confederate flag and the importance of accepting those with different backgrounds is being sorely tested by the refugee crisis in Europe.
     The student involved is no longer serving as a captain of the team. He will not participate in University football activities pending the outcome of the investigation.
     Pace University does not tolerate improper discrimination of any kind, and anyone who feels that they have been discriminated against is advised to report the allegation to Lisa Miles, Pace’s Title IX Coordinator/Affirmative Action Officer.
     The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Programs at Pace educates students to identify and challenge bigotry and discrimination. Staff members from the Counseling Center and Student Affairs are also available for any students who wish to share their thoughts, voice concerns, or offer suggestions as we continue to work together to create an inclusive campus community.


Sincerely yours,
 President's Signature
Stephen J. Friedman