Ambitious Pace University Employee to Launch Web Series

ELISE ADAMS, Layout Editor


Making people laugh has always been a way of life for Jacquelyn Owen. She has shown off her humorous side through her accents and impressions for as long as she can remember.

Owen has been making comedic movies since she was in seventh grade and last spring she began writing her own web series We’re All Mad Here, which she plans to release within the next year.

Owen is a big fan of the television shows 30 Rock and Broad City and loves their comedic aspect. She enjoys and is inspired by Tina Fey and Robin Williams. She wants to make people laugh and teach them about society at the same time.

“I want people to understand what is real and what’s not when the media presents information to us. I hate how so many people rely on twitter for factual information,” said Owen, who is a desk attendant and housing assistant at Pace University.

The muse for her series comes from within. Believing that everyone has different personas within them, Owen plans to highlight her own alter egos and internal thoughts in We’re All Mad Here.

All of the filming will take place in New York City and she plans to use her friends as resources to assist with editing and equipment.

“I hired my friend’s brother, who works in animation, to make my introduction clip,” Owen said. “I am going to have multiple segments, one called ‘First Impressions’ where I’ll go out on the street in crazy costumes and film how people react to meeting me based on their first impression.”

Owen has always made people laugh with her countless impersonations and was constantly told growing up to become an actress. Upon graduating she plans to work in television production whether it be writing, producing, editing, or anything in between. She aspires to have her own late night show where she can entertain a crowd and give people a good laugh.

“Jacquelyn has always been able to make me laugh and is very funny. She has a good way of swaying people with her words with a humorous approach. I think she would attract a lot of viewers to a late night show, especially as a woman. Her web series sounds really cool too,” said Maggie Venturella, a good friend of Owen.

Owen plans to start filming this semester and have her first few episodes completed shortly. She will be launching her series on You Tube and is excited to share her work with the world.