Pace Anticipates Thanksgiving Break

Adiba Sikder, Editor-in-Chief

Registration and midterms may have students down but it hasn’t stopped them from being excited about Thanksgiving Break.

Registration period is always a difficult time for some students because getting in to classes that they need in order to graduate or the electives that they really wanted can be extremely stressful.

Several students at Pace are excited to be going home and finally being able to be around their family for a week.

“I miss my family. Every year at thanksgiving we go to my cousin’s house and it’s always crowded with people. This semester has been so stressful, I need some time off,” said Kaila Williams, junior at Pace.

Other students are more excited to be eating then spend time with their family because they have grown tired of eating food at Kessel Student Center every day.

“It’s not the worst food in the world but I always end up getting the same thing all the time and I’m running low on meal plan money so I haven’t been eating as much. I miss my mom’s cooking. I want a real home cooked meal for once,” said Stephanie Simoes, junior at Pace.

However, not every student has the opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving break because of how expensive flight tickets can be and because of work responsibilities.

“I just got a new part-time job and I can’t go home but I am going to make the most of my break. I’m going to relax and sleep in as much as possible and FaceTime my parents every chance I get,” said TJ Combs, junior at Pace.

For students that don’t have an opportunity to go home and have thanksgiving dinner with their families, the office of residential life and housing will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in White Plains. Students are required to RSVP by emailing Vinnie Berkenmeyer at [email protected].

“I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and I can’t afford a ticket to India for this break so a couple of my friends and I RSVP’d for the thanksgiving dinner. I don’t have too many expectations, if I don’t have a great time then my friends and I can always go to Boston Market,” said Harshini Rajkumar, sophomore at Pace.

The dinner at White Plains isn’t the only opportunity students have to participate in a Thanksgiving event. SOCA at Pace is also hosting a Thanksgiving Extravaganza in order to raise money for hurricane relief efforts and to give students a chance to have a small thanksgiving dinner with their friends.

“I’m probably going to stop by the SOCA event and donate a couple of canned stuff I’ve had in my room. I love the SOCA events, it’s always a lot of fun and there’s always amazing food. You know everyone’s tired of Kessel,” said Martinique Hyman, junior at Pace.