Relax, rewind and refresh over winter break


Katie Walsh

As the holidays approach, Setter are leaving campus for break earlier than normal withe unknown future still ahead.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

As the semester winds down and the remaining few days left  are filled with presentations, essays, projects and final exams, college students are looking towards the five-week long winter break. Winter break serves as an opportunity for students to rest and rejuvenate and become inspired and motivated to complete another semester in the spring. Winter break is the perfect time to catch-up with friends, family, Netflix shows and movies and on rest, as well as enjoy the festive holiday season. 

Despite the break from a fully loaded semester, some students may spend the majority of their break working long hours or find themselves enrolled in a winter intersession course at Pace or another university. Even with these additional tasks, it’s important to utilize the break as a way to refresh one’s mind, so they can prepare for a successful spring semester. 

If possible, take some days to refrain yourself from thinking about school, the past semester and the future semester. Your brain deserves a rest after all those hours of studying, preparing presentations and reports, and engaging in group projects.  There will be plenty of time to contemplate future semester goals. 

Even though the holiday months are filled with visiting family, friends and celebrating the holidays, do not forget to take some time for yourself too. Many college students will spend the majority of the break working to earn money for school or spending cash or contributing to their households.  With that fiscal responsibility, it is okay to skip out on a family party and exchange it for a few quiet hours by yourself. 

Winter break is also a great time to engage in favorite hobbies or catch-up on things you used to do when you were not so busy running around between clubs, organizations, events, classes, homework and working. The break is a great time to dig out some books, rediscover a passion like cooking or drawing and pursue activities that make the heart grow a little fonder. Listening to favorite music or relaxing music can soothe one’s mind. Physical activities, like hiking, working out or engaging in yoga can release endorphins that help individuals feel good and release tension. 

Throughout the five weeks hiatus, ensure that your scheduling yourself enough time for self-care, spending time with loved ones and catching up with friends that you don’t get to see very often.  Often, relationships with friends, particularly ones from home or high school, get pushed to the wayside, with the tremendous workload of college and other college activities. It is important to reconnect with friends and maintain these long-term friendships.  

s you enjoy the break, be sure to take the time to relax, rest (well-deserved after all those late and sleepless nights), reconnect with others and engage in activities that calm you and feed your soul. After all, there’s a busy spring semester ahead of us all; and, the best way to begin the spring semester it is to come back to Pace rejuvenated and with a fresh mind and outlook on all that is to come.