Campus Jobs Decline As Pandemic Reduces Revenue

Ibrahim Aksoy, Contributing Writer

With the coronavirus pandemic, businesses across the country have been forced to shut down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Since late March, about half of the United States’ population are out of work due to business closures.

University campuses offer part time on-campus jobs for students. As college costs have gone up over the years, students around the country are looking for ways to make money and pay their high tuition. However, with the COVID-19 restrictions first put in place in mid-March, many on-campus job positions were abandoned.

Pace University has offered many on-campus jobs for students across its three campuses. However, with the beginning of the fall semester, some students have opted to stay home and study online. With less dependency on student workforce and revenue lost, there have been job cuts.

Campus jobs are offered by HR. As the revenue has declined due to the global pandemic, some positions were forced to remain empty this semester.

Although states moved to ease the lockdown restrictions in May, college campuses were unable to benefit from the partial reopenings as the spring semester was concluded and many universities announced that summer sessions would be held online.

With the beginning of the fall semester, some universities resumed in-person education with online-supported hybrid options and others have decided to go virtual for one more semester. Even with the in-person openings, most college campuses are unable to accommodate all students.

With less students studying on campus this semester, many part time campus job positions are left unclaimed. In addition to lack of workforce available on campuses, institutions are unable to offer part time jobs due to financial struggles caused by the COVID-19 closures.

Information technology, Mortola library, tutoring center, and the career services department have offered part time jobs for students. With COVID-19 restrictions are still partially in place, it is not clear whether students would be able to continue their jobs.