Instagram to remove number of likes


Instagram recently got rid of the feature that shows users how many likes each post has.

Riley Sosnowski

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced that the company would start removing likes on posts in the U.S. Instagram users will still be able to see likes on their own posts, but not on others’. This experiment has already taken place in other countries and will now be put to the test in the U.S.

Instagram says users will benefit from the removal of likes because it will not be about popularity anymore, solely focused on the amount of likes pictures receive. It will reduce the pressure users may feel while using the app. If this change becomes permanent, Instagram will have to rebrand their app. Instagram was originally focused on receiving feedback from the followers rather than the picture itself. Users have become too fixated on their posts that if they do not receive enough likes or comments, they simply can archive it so that nobody can see it.

This will impact many influencers as well. They use Instagram as a business and feed off of likes to get their sensation through followers. They promote their brands through their Instagram’s. Influencers play a huge part of the picture-perfect lifestyle that the app is attempting to change. Instagram models will be affected too since they promote themselves through their page.

Travel influencers are affected tremendously too. They blog their vacations and walk you through their experiences through posts and Instagram stories. By getting more likes on their posts, they attract followers that feed their passion for travel. Followers will still be able to see their posts but likes will be gone and the popularity factor will not be there as much. The most popular accounts will not be at the top of your feed anymore without likes and comments. Influencers are looking down upon this dramatic change for Instagram.

This change could be for the better, it may prompt people to post things that they might not have otherwise. They will not be as pressured and the social insecurity will be lowered while using the Instagram app. Instagram chief Adam stated “we will make decisions that hurt the business if they help people’s well-being and health…” Instagram is more worried about health than influencer’s fame and popularity.

A lot of students have different opinions on this matter. Some believe it is better or worse, and some say it does not have an effect on them.

“This Instagram change will affect bigger influencers and celebrities for sure, but it doesn’t really effect me,” junior Nora Gjelaj said.

This is the case for many students. They follow influencers and see that this is how they promote themselves through likes and posts that receive feedback from followers. This will no longer be available when Instagram makes this change.