Setter Spotlight: Kadija Shaw executes her campus vision virtually


Stunning photo of Kadija Shaw

Pasquale Noce, Contributing Writer

Kadija Shaw has been completing her duties as Student Government Association President virtually. While being a remote president encounters challenges, Shaw describes it as a phenomenal experience.

“You really become emerged in student life, student activities, and get to build multiple student relationships; all while gaining invaluable skills that you get to carry on into your career,” Shaw says.  

Her term started during the Fall 2020 semester and since then, Shaw has shown her commitment by continuing to perform her tasks despite the pandemic.  This entails holding weekly Zoom meetings about SGA business, answering emails from her executive board, and keeping in touch with faculty members, including the dean. Every now and then, she even visits campus to say “hi” to the students.

Shaw admits how challenging this year has been. “As an extrovert, I grow and thrive off of other people’s energy,” she says. “Being around other people is super important to me, so it has been a struggle adapting to this virtual lifestyle and not being able to form relationships in person.”

Despite these drawbacks, Shaw views the situation as a unique learning experience. “It has taught me things that I would not have been able to learn outside of this situation, like self-discipline, being more aware of my surroundings, organizational skills, time management, and communication.” In a moment of introspection, she adds, “It’s uncomfortable. And when you’re uncomfortable, you grow the most.”

Regardless of the current circumstances, Shaw loves what she does. Her favorite part about her job is attending the biweekly Senate meetings, because this is when she gets the chance to connect with students.

“I used to be a Senator, so to be in this position where I get to switch seats with them is an unbelievable experience,” Shaw says. “I get to see the leaders of the student body shine at these meetings.”

Shaw believes that the nature of her job is always working for the good of the students, and her passion for students is the driving force behind everything she does.

To any aspiring leaders on campus, Shaw gives this advice: “If you do want your voice to be heard and if you do want to make a change on campus, you can. If you want to become a bigger leader, if you care about the student body, and if you have goals to move forward in student government, you will be heard, seen, and supported.”